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This training training book was written by Dick Evans using the notes he took while on a mission trip to Mozambique, Africa in October 2017. It sums up the major points Holy Spirit spoke through Pastor Tony over the three days of conferences with more than forty pastors from churches in the local area. At the end of this book you will find declarations of who you are in Christ from scripture, paraphrased by Pastor Tony, and a collection of testimonies of some of the miracles we witnessed Holy Spirit doing as hands were laid on those in attendance. Click to order a soft cover version on Amazon  or here for a Kindle book.


This Guidebook is available in paperback and now on Kindle. It has been written as a resource. Dick has written this guidebook, carefully using Scripture and testimonies. The work is the epitome of applied Christianity, full of love for the lost and for others in the family of God. He has outlined the purpose of his work in his preface. The greatest hope is that small groups will arise to go into the marketplaces of the world to show God's love through healing power. Click to order for Kindle

He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. Psalm 103:3 NLT


For a quick look at some of the things God has been doing, check these reports of both local and of trips taken over the past few months. (latest first). And most of these testimonies are from miracles Jesus has done right here in the USA. Jesus is alive and healing today!

February  2019 Testimonies

We ministered to a number of people. One man had pain in left leg. I asked if I could pray for him and placed my hand on that knee. I commanded the knee restored ... click to read more..

January  2019 Testimonies

Man with pain in his left knee. I sat him down and checked his legs. There was a two inch difference. As I prayed, his legs grew and I commanded all pain to leave. For his knee to be perfectly healed. He walked a few steps and the pain was much less. We prayed again and it was all gone ... click to read more..

October-December  2018 Testimonies

Woman came to us as we were leaving a service with back pain. Sherri held her hands and we both placed hands on the small of her back. I commanded the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves to be healed and for all pain to go. When we removed our hands, the pain was gone..  ... click to read more..

September  2018 Testimonies

Woman with heart problems and in need of a replacement right knee. I had her place her hand over her heart. I placed my hand over hers and commanded a new heart with perfect circulation. Then I spoke to the knee and told the pain to leave and not return. She walked a few feet and returned with a good report. All pain was gone.  ... click to read more..

August  2018 Testimonies

Man with pain in his feet and lower legs. Commanded complete healing in his body and
for all pain to go. For the pain in his feet to leave. He walked a few feet and turned
around giving me a thumbs up. He was pain free. ... click to read more..

July  2018 Testimonies

Woman who had knee replaced but knee was still in pain. Other knee scheduled for surgery. I placed my hand with permission on her knee and commanded the muscles ligaments tendons and nerves to function perfectly with the new knee. And for the other knee to be restored. I had her walk about ten feet and come back. All pain was gone... click to read more..

June  2018 Testimonies

Woman with pain in her chest. Commanded a strong heart. Pain to go. Asked about the pain and she said "what pain?" Explained that she has the authority to command it to leave if it comes back. Then prayed for a strong heart for a man sitting with her who recently had a heart operation. Thank you Jesus... click to read more..

May 2018 Testimonies

Later a man was suffering pain in his left hip. I checked his legs and they were off about an inch. I commanded the legs even and for all pain to leave. When he walked it was lessened but still present. I placed my hand on him again and said thank you Jesus. The anointing was very strong. After one more time the pain was gone...  click to read more..

April 2018 Testimonies

A woman came and sat down and immediately complained to her friend about not being able to move her neck and not being able to twist her body in a certain way and that she was filled with arthritic pain. I asked if she would like the Lord to heal her. I had her sit down in a chair and checked her legs. They were an inch and a half...  click to read more..

March 2018 Testimonies

A man was kneeling at the altar for a while. He got up and came to me. He had twisted his knee a few weeks ago and has been in pain since and walking with a limp. With permission I placed my hand on his knee and spoke to his muscles ligaments tendons and nerves commanding them to be healed and for all pain to leave. He walked a few steps and said the limp was gone and most of the pain. One more prayer and he received his total healing. Praise Jesus...  click to read more..

February 2018 Testimonies

A woman mentioned pain in her right wrist. She thought it was carpal tunnel. I showed her how to check and that was not it. So I laid my hands on her wrist and spoke to the muscles tendons nerves and ligaments and told all pain to go. She checked and still had a little left. Prayed again and all pain was gone....  click to read more..

January 2018 Testimonies

Woman with pain in her right elbow. With permission I placed my hand on her elbow and commanded the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves to be healed and for all pain to go. After a short while I had her bend her arm and all pain was gone...  click to read more..

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