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Testimonies from 2017

For a quick look at some of the things God has been doing, check these reports of both local and of trips taken over the past few months. (latest first)

December 2017 Testimonies

A woman stopped me to pray for her foot and hip. I had been talking to another man earlier who had a word of knowledge about both those issues. I found him and brought him to the woman. I explained to him that when he has a word like that the person will be healed instantly. I had him kneel down and lay his hands on her right foot and pray. He commanded the healing. I had her walk a few steps and sure enough all the pain was gone! Thank you, Jesus....  click to read more..

November 2017 Testimonies

Woman with ringing in her ears. I placed my hands on her ears and commanded the ringing to stop. After a couple of times it was gone. I felt that she was dealing with arthritis and she confirmed it. I commanded the spirit of arthritis out of her and for anything damaged by it to be restored. For all pain to leave her hands. When we were done she could close her hands without pain....  click to read more..

October 2017 Testimonies

Woman with pain in back and neck. Lord grew out her legs about an inch. We commanded pain to go. She walked a few feet and most of the pain was gone. Had her commanded it to go and when she walked she was free. Then He grew out her arms and most of the pain left. She touched the spot that remained and commanded it to go and it did. Praise God. ...  click to read more..

September 2017 Testimonies

Prayed with a young man who came to me because his left shoulder was in pain. I had him stretch his arms out and saw that one arm was an inch shorter than the other. In the name of Jesus, I commanded the arms to be even and within seconds it happened. Then I commanded all pain to go. He lifted his arms and all pain was gone. Praise God.. ...  click to read more..

August 2017 Testimonies

Prayed with a woman with arthritis in her hand and a trigger finger in the same hand. Cast it out and for all damage to be repaired and for the pain to go and the trigger finger to be healed. She closes her hand and the trigger issue was no longer there. Praise Jesus. ...  click to read more..

July  2017 Testimonies

Young man with back pain. I had him sit in a chair and stretch out his legs. God grew out his left leg a half inch. Commanded his back to be straightened and strengthened and for all pain to go. Had him stand up and walk across the room. All pain was gone...  click to read more...

June 2017 Testimonies

Man with a right knee stiff after knee replacement. Placed my hands on his knee and commanded stiffness to go. He was then able to bend his knee without a problem...  click to read more...

May 2017 Testimonies

A man came up with pain in the hip. He said it was his sciatica. I laid hands on him and commanded the spirit of sciatica to leave and for all pain to go. Then I had him walk across the room and all pain was gone...  click to read more...

April 2017 Testimonies

Then I delivered food to shut ins. Was able to pray with three of them. The first was a woman with pain in her legs. I noticed she had a walker in the house. I just held her hand and commanded the pain out of her body, completely in Jesus name. Then I asked her to walk a little and come back and as she turned around she told me all the pain was gone. Thank you Jesus.....  click to read more...

March 2017 Testimonies

I had a word of knowledge about a pain in the lower back of neck area. A woman was having just that and I laid my hand on her shoulder and commanded the pain to go, for the muscles to loosen, in Jesus name. She raised her arm and it was mostly gone. We commanded again and all the pain left. Praise Jesus....  click to read more...

February 2017 Testimonies

Another woman pain in back and knees popping as she walked. Prayed twice with her and as she walked it out the popping ceased. Then another woman who was walking crooked. Back and legs. Commanded her hips to line up...  click to read more...

January 2017 Testimonies

Wednesday morning I overheard a woman speaking about pain in her knee and arthritis. I asked if I could pray for her and if I could put my hand in her knee. I commanded the spirit of arthritis out and for pain to leave. All pain left.  Praise God!  click to read more...


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