The Evans Ministries

Ministry Feedback

We thank Jesus for what he did in each of these meetings. All the glory goes to Him!

From Maine September 2011 Workshop:

God Bless you both. Thank you for coming to Shepherd of Faith. The life you both bring is so refreshing and real.

I did want to share a testimony. I had a recent back injury. During your training session, I had another church member pray for my back. When I finally returned to my chiropractor, he was absolutely shocked at the difference in my back. He exclaimed how the lower back curve, shoulders, etc were even better than the first day (prior to my injury) that I walked into his office! I was then able to tell him that I was doing all he told me (exercises and stretching) and that I also went to a healing seminar at my church. He thought it was great and mentioned wanting to come to the church sometime. So of course I encouraged him to do so.

I wanted to make sure and tell you the testimony. I think it is good for you both to hear of the healings that take place afterwards.

From Monticello, KY October 2011 Healing Services:

Received a call early Monday from the first woman we prayed for last evening. She reported that she was pain free. Best night sleep she can remember having. When she awoke, she was able to stretch out for the first time in 30 years! And when she got out of bed she stood right up where she had been having to hold onto the wall to be able to stand. She said she felt 10 pounds lighter with all the pain lifted off. Praise God!

The pastor at Jesus Christ Chapel saw the woman who had the back brace that God healed last night. This morning she was still without the brace and bending over touching her toes, pain free.

Off to Jesus Christ Chapel for the evening service on 10/16. Great message by Bob Nelson followed by testimonies from last week’s night of healing. A woman testified of her 100% relief from pain and demonstrated how she could now touch her toes and run, which she has not done in years. Her grandson remarked later that he was not too sure about her healing when she had told him. But to see her run like that was something he had never seen before and he now believes God healed her! Another testified to her jaw being healed.
The woman who came in last week with the back brace and walker is without pain and lifting her grandson. No walker. No back brace. No pain..
Another woman from last week sang a special and before starting she testified that she was pain free and had the best week she has ever had this last week. She was at peace.

After a morning service at Turning Point Church in Monticello, KY on 10/23, one of the men whose back God healed in the Spring after the Healing Service at their church came up to us afterwards to tell us he had not had any more pain in his back and it is stronger then ever.

Had a phone call from a man who was at the meeting last evening. He asked us to come a pray with his wife who was house-ridden with sickness. We spent a couple of hours with them and God moved in a big way. She was totally healed. All pain left and she had complete mobility in her neck, arms, legs, and knees. We were also able to pray for her husband about some issues such as a spirit of inheritance and a susceptibility to skin cancer.

At community prayer the night after the healing service many gave testimony to what Jesus did the night before. There were many testimonies and we heard about many who had been healed sitting in the pews before we got to laying on of hands. The pastor mentioned a young man who called him that day. He had been at the healing service the night before and said he will never forget last night. When he is 90 years old he will be telling his grandchildren about what happened. Thank you, Jesus!

Received an email from a woman who had come with a pain in her shoulder. As we prayed it moved to her neck and then with more prayer it left completely. The next day she reported that she was still pain free. What Jesus gives He does not take away!

Went to Jesus Christ Chapel on Sunday evening, two weeks after the healing service and people were walking out in their healing, pain free and mobile for the first time in a long time. Thank you, Jesus!

Heard from the woman we prayed for at her house last Monday. She had been house ridden for almost 20 years. She is pain free, went to church Sunday for the first time in years, is moving around like she has not been able to do, eating anything she wants to eat, and even took her car out for a spin. Praise God!