Mission Trip to Honduras July 2009


Magdalena and SusanneLast year, our son Rick and his wife, Susanne went to Honduras to minister at a number of churches. They were invited back and this time our daughter-in-law Susanne and granddaughter Magdalena (Rick and Susanne's oldest daughter), headed off to Honduras on July 16, 2009 for a week of ministry. They went as part of a team of four from their home church, the Englewood Bible Church and Living for Jesus International, a ministry headed by the Pastor of their church, Tony Fiore. I encourage you to view the full reports from this last trip and others they have embarked on in the past by clicking the Living for Jesus link.

We supported this mission trip with our prayers and continue to encourage them as they go forth doing the work of the Lord. The following are clips from the daily journals from Magdalena and Susanne.

Report 1

Susanne Evans

The prayer time with the family included Louis a young man we had met last year. He was a pastor but stepped down. He is very young (to me) and as we laid hands on him major deliverance took place. Oh Lord you are awesome! He was getting delivered and he is traveling with us to get filled and pray with us. He calls me Mama Susanne. I gained a son here. What has blessed me is to watch Mag minister and be on fire for God. She is nonstop and so hungry.

Magdalena Evans

Magdalena in Honduras

I cannot even begin to explain the amazing things that the Lord has showed me. I have felt the Holy Spirit touch me in ways I never thought possible. People here are so loving and thirsty for the Lord that it excites you just to see how much people thirst for what we want them to see and have!

We prayed for one girl outside and as we were praying a man came next to us while we were blocking the sidewalk and started to yell at us but kept his distance from us. I then moved over a bit and as he walked by me his arm swiped my right shoulder and I immediately was paralyzed on the right side of my body. It felt like the right side was hot like charcoals being lit on a grill. I started to weep and shake. I could hardly stand and my stomach ached in such pain. I looked up and the man that had passed by us was turned around yelled at us angrily. He was manifesting a demon. Just to see his eyes was like looking in the eyes of Satan. He of course was more scared of us than us of him. I felt more power of the Holy Spirit over me at this moment than I had ever felt before. When we were going back inside the Holy Spirit was Praising with Flags showing and orbnot done with me. I don’t even know how to explain it. I wept and wept but it felt awesome!

When we went to the first church service I did not know what was going to happen but once I laid my hands on people it was like a storm of the Holy Ghost was pouring through! I have never laid my hands on people and seen them fall to the ground one after another like dominos! People were so shy but once the Holy Ghost came in they craved more, more, more! My hands became HOT and were tingling and I knew the Lord wanted me to continue to touch these people!

Brian has begun to call me the Daughter of Thunder because I have just moving so much in the Spirit! I feel like I am continuously on fire! Thank all of you who have been praying for us and I am excited to share more next time!!! Thank You Jesus!

Special Addition - Magdalena Evans

We went into town to get a phone card and to use the internet. We could not get internet because the power was not working but it was still good that we went because when we went to get a phone card there was an elderly lady standing in the store near us and she turned to us and put her hands on her back and wanted prayer from us. How did she know who we were? Yea God! It was a God thing!! She was instantly healed! Thank you Jesus!

Report 2

Susanne Evans

A restless night and lots of team prayer and unity is bringing us through this part of our journey. Everything we thought would be was not but God is gracious and takes care of everything. If just one person gets a touch all this will be worth it to me. Last nights meeting was not what we had expected but God did what He wanted to do. Mag explains it below it so I will not go into it here.

This morning we had yet another church service but we got into worship and the team danced with the people and we had a good time. Pastor Tony taught on healing. This is a tough crowd and it was the same as last night. People did receive healings. Praise Him!

I have been stretched to the max by a few things and ask for prayer please. The team is in unity and we do pray a lot together.

Magdalena Evans

When we arrived here in Punuare we were welcomed into a church and we were once again able to witness miracles of healing and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

It was so awesome to be able to show these people that they too can be used to heal with their hands! A few of the things that were healed were eye sight, stomach pain, back pain, neck pain, elbow pain and more.

One man had pain in his shoulder for four months and as we prayed the pain moved to his elbow and then back to his shoulder and so forth. We commanded the spirit of infirmity to leave in Jesus name. It took a few times but in Jesus name he was healed! It felt so good to watch him feel the Holy Ghost and give praise to our Lord God.

Tonight we are going to teach again and we are praying for more wondrous work of the Lord. Can’t wait to come and write more of what happens.

Report 3
Susanne Evans

Before we had our main service we visited another church and Mag and I had the same word for one of the worship leader lady. I held back since I knew she would speak and she did. She gave that lady a word that was very uplifting. Brian spoke too and it blew me away. He has adopted his daughter of thunder and they are getting along very well.

Magdalena Evans (Daughter of THUNDER)

Once worship was over Tony began his message about Deliverance. I only heard bits and pieces because I was filled like a glass of water to the very top. Before this happened my hands were so hot! It was awesome. Tony had to tell all the people what was happening because they immediately judged what was being seen in me. But wow was the Holy Ghost filling us!

Tony then asked if anyone needed a healing and we were all given a word of knowledge. So many people were touched. I will leave the best for last. But here is a small bit of the healing that happened…

·         Women with neck pain... healed!

·         Women with arm pain... healed!

·         A man with stomach pain had what looked to be a huge tumor and it was gone after having prayer!

Mag healing girl from deaf and dumb spiritWhat opened up my faith more was a young girl who was brought up by her mother. She told me that the girl had been deaf her whole life and had never spoken. I then laid my hands on her ears and commanded her ears to open and her mouth to speak in Jesus Name.

She looked at me while I was praying over her ears for these two things and within less than a second she shook her head up and down to let me know that she could hear me and then spoke but not a word just noise! I prayed that she would speak words and that the Lord would continue to do His work in her.

She was then filled with the Holy Ghost and the Lord was finishing His work on her while she lay on the floor. When she got up I said “mama” and the girl said “mama”! PRAISE GOD...

This had opened my heart in so many ways I wept with such joy for my Daddy that I can’t even remember so much of what I was feeling.

Afterwards the mother of the young girl then came to me and said her son who was even younger was deaf as well since he was born. So I laid my hands on him the same way as his sister and he was healed!

 He could hear and I too had him say “mama” and he did! The Holy Spirit continued to touch him. It felt so good to see their mother with the joy on her face and for her to say mama and to finally hear her own children say mama. As a mother I can only imagine how it must have felt for her.

So many more things happened and so I will let my awesome teammates tell you. I thank my Lord for what He did through my hands and I thirst for more. My faith has increased and I only want more, more, more!

Report 4

Susanne Evans

Last night was our last meeting and we thought we would lay hands on everyone to impart what God had given us. It turned out different but it was awesome anyway.


More praise, more flaging, more orbs...


We prayed before the meeting at the house and got blasted. When we got to the church hardly anyone was there and the music was so loud we had to stay at the back of the church to escape the noise. Brian calls it the German beer hall music. We prayed together again and more and more people started to fill the church. As we watched them worship we noticed gold appear on the walls, oh God! I have never seen this before but know people have seen it. Wow! More and more gold appeared and we looked at it in amazement. The worship kept going and Mag had the camera on and all the sudden we (Mag, Tony, and I) saw colorful arches, fans, wing shape and every time she moved the camera it followed. Like the angels were in the lens. wow wow wow. I saw colors as everyone else like red, yellow, or gold. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.


Tony prayed for the people to receive words of knowledge at the end of the teaching. It was very difficult as the people here are very slow to respond. After some more encouragement a woman came up. She was crying and telling Tony she just felt sadness and pain. She was weeping, crying and kneeling on the ground. I told Tony God showed me the woman was crying for someone that had lost someone, a child death. So he asked if there was someone at the church who had gone through a loss and a woman came forth. This woman was in our pictures from the previous night and she has orbs all over her including a very large one right in front of her belly. (See http://www.maxgreinerart.com/AngelOrbs.html to understand what the orbs are. You can see them in the above picture.)


What we did not know was she had lost her daughter less than a month ago. So I took the woman that had the word of knowledge and had her pray for the woman that had just lost her daughter. I believe the woman got healed of her pain.


The church has a leader that was playing the guitar and I asked him if I could pray for him. I laid hands on him, prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill him with joy and laughter. God showed me he had lost someone a long time and he was carrying the pain. I asked him through a translator and he said yes. I prayed for him and he held unto me with all his might. He would not let go, was shaking. After he let go he started laughing so much his whole countenance changed. Oh God is so great!


The next morning we were invited to eat fresh donuts and to have breakfast at the home of the pastor I prayed for last night. He was at work, but his wife told us that she has never seen her husband so happy and so filled with joy. She said that she has a new husband, she was so happy.


Thank you for your prayers saints! As this trip ends I know in my spirit you prayers helped things along.


Magdalena Evans

I am having a hard time remembering when some of the things we have experienced happened, as there is so much and is has all just run together, so I am just going to write as I remember the things I have not written about. On one of our days out we stopped Mag typing a report while in the mission fieldinto a church and it was so filled with the Holy Spirit that you could feel it just by standing in the doorway. It was so anointed that I was instantly hit with His presence. There were about three hundred people in this church and I don’t think they realize what they had.


The worship was beautiful and I even knew one of the songs even though it was in Spanish! We all got to speak a few words to the church and when it was my turn to speak the Lord spoke to me about a woman that was part of the worship team. She was the only one that stood out to me and the Lord said “sing a new song” I called her out and spoke to her what the Lord wanted her to know. Tears streamed down her face and it was beautiful to see her receive.


Last night was our last night in the church that we have been giving some teachings and it was the most amazing thing just as my mom explained above. We saw angels and gold on the walls. Angels in beautiful colors. There were more miracles and healings. A few things that happened were:


·         A woman that had crippling pain throughout her whole body was healed!

·         A girl that had been having headaches constantly was healed!

·         A woman that had lost her child not too long ago was finally at peace.


This morning we went to a house for breakfast which happened to be the house of one of the pastors and the wife wanted to bless us for what had happened to her husband. Mom prayed for him to have joy and since then she said he husband was a changed man! She explained that he keeps laughing and smiling and she was just so thankful! Hallelujah!!!


We have left this church and we are returning home tomorrow. I am happy to go home but I am sad to leave such beautiful people. It’s nice to see people “worship” and always want MORE of Him. People here are always helping others and making sure that everyone is taken care of. Everyone here has become like family to me and I can’t wait to see them again.


Today we came back to the main city by bus and when we got off we had to find a taxi. Sure enough we did and the man that drove us was led to the Lord and healed of his hurting eyes. It feels awesome to reach out and do the Lords work!


The team and I walked into a fast food place and the girl that I stood in front of to place my order was instantly hit by the Hold Spirit. She got filled and then the next person. Even the guard outside the door was being filled! There was so much joy I did not want to leave. It is such a great feeling to be filled with such joy that you can’t contain yourself but the Holy Spirit just keeps moving.


Tomorrow we are flying out. It’s a day early but we all feel like our mission has been completed and it’s time to go back and be with our families. We even get to go back a day early with no extra charge!! Thank You Lord. This itself is a blessing. This experience has truly opened my heart to so much more and I thank my Daddy for everything…


·         What I have been taught

·         How much He used me

·         The healings I saw

·         The miracles of God that I saw

·         Showing me part of His gold that’s in heaven

·         His angels being seen right in front of me!

·         Filling me with his presence and giving me peace at times when it was needed


And MOST OF ALL for This wonderful team. I could not have asked for any better of a team for this mission. We are the M&M’s team. (Miracles and Mangos Team) We had so much fun! I will not miss just the food but everything else around it and everything that made this become possible.


Thank You Lord for your Grace.

Thank You Lord for all the Blessings.

Susanne Evans

To me the greatest joy is to see how Mag, my daughter has been activated by God. Just as my first trip to Kenya, God gave Mag a very clear demonstration of just how awesome He is. She already told you guys what happened, but isn’t it awesome? She has brought a lot of joy and laughter to this team.

Honduran Food by Magdalena


Pastor Tony and Brian enjoying the fruitWhen we first got to Honduras we were amazed to see how much fruit was growing on almost every tree we passed by! There were mangos, bananas, coconuts, etc. The first stop we made was on the side of the road on the way to a fish place. There were stands lined up with so much stuff! The pineapple was so juicy!! We tried Honduran bananas and they had a sweet taste to them. Yumm Yumm!


When we got to the fish place I was a little unsure about having fish because they have you pick out your own fish andThe whoel fish--head and tail included then they cook it for you right there. It ended up being delicious! Even with it sitting in front of me whole, with the fish face looking at me, it was soooo good. We all tried a jar of hot peppers. It blew our socks off!! But we kept on wanting more.


Throughout this trip we have had more mangos than you can imagine. I think we are now walking mangos! All together we have had four different types of mangos. When we got into the first town we tried green mangos and they were sweet. We used a sweet and tangy sauce to dip these types of mangos in and also a mixture of salt and pepper. Not regular salt but homemade salt. So good! Another type of mango we tried was some regular mangos and candy mangos. Tony ended up having his own mango tree signed (by the Honduran people) with paint saying “Tony was here”.


We tried a fruit that was in the shape of a ball and was a purple color. It looked so weird but Brian opening up the weird fruitwe were shown how to eat them and it was cool. You break it open with your fingers and suck out the clear like balls inside and suck the stuff that’s on the outside of the ball and discard the rest. It was a weird thing but a cool experience.


Another fruit we had was in the size of a pebble. It was a Honduran grape. I did not like this at all!!! Yuck!


They have at least five different types of bananas and they even fry them for you for breakfast. Sounds weird but they are good. I may even try to fry our American bananas but I don’t know if it will work out the same.


Another place we stopped at had burgers that literally melted in your mouth! mag enjoying the cheesePurple like onions with a great tang. What was cool about this place was that they gave us beans before our meal with chips. This bean dip was delicious. It had mozzarella cheese in it and it melted in your mouth. We all wanted more, more and more!


We were able to have ice cream. Not much different than American ice cream but it was good. We all ended up giving our ice creams away to poor children. It was worth the looks on their faces!


One town we went to had a girl nearby that made donuts and sold them on the street! They were so good with coffee. People in Honduras make coffee with their own homemade coffee filter. It’s the strongest coffee I have ever had. One sip is enough to keep you awake for days!


The chicken that is made beats any chicken you will ever have. I wanted to go out and kill a chicken myself and eat it alone!

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