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This is a recap of healings we have seen as we have ministered and laid healing hands on people in churches, in meetings of believers, and in the marketplace as we have gone about our daily business.

In the marketplace God the Father nudges us in some way so we know it is time to complete His work and pray for someone. When He leads the way, there is always fruit. As much as we would like to stop every walker and wheelchair and command healings, we know we have to wait for the Holy Spirit to lead, and then as we follow miracles occur.

Among groups of believers many situations occur. As we speak, God touches some as they listen to us preach His word and testify to what we have seen Him do. Often He will give us a word of knowledge and as we call it out, people are either healed in their seats or come forward for a physical touch. Some fall under the power and are slain in the Spirit. Others do not. Both are healed.

Then there are healings that occur when we ask who needs a healing. As they come forth expecting their miracle, we lay our hands on them, and they receive it.

This page contains testimonies of some of those God has touched.

Dick & Dianne

Nerves in Fingers

One day we were having breakfast in Denny’s in Port Charlotte, Florida. Our waitress was wearing a brace on one wrist. All during breakfast I was feeling the Holy Spirit nudge me to ask what that was all about, so when she brought the check, I asked what the brace was for. I expected to be told she had carpal tunnel syndrome, but that was not it. She had smashed her hand months ago and no longer had feeling in the fingers of that hand. And the wrist was weak. We asked if we could pray for her. She agreed (they always do!) and Dianne laid hands on her wrist and fingers commanding healing. You should have seen her expression as Dianne commanded the nerves to be healed. When finished, Dianne asked her to move her fingers, and she did, and exclaimed to those around her that she could feel her fingers for the first time in over a year.


Later that day we were at a local department store, a Bealls Outlet, and at the checkout counter we encountered another women with a brace on her wrist! You guessed it. We prayed for her as well and the pain in her wrist left

Frozen Shoulder

This summer one of my colleagues at college stopped over for assistance getting ready for the fall semester. He had mentioned a problem with his shoulder to me in past conversations and as he was leaving I asked if he wanted prayer. His shoulder was frozen and he was unable to raise his arms above his head. I commanded healing and told him to raise his hands and praise the Lord. Both hands reached straight up over his head. The shoulder was no longer frozen.


Earlier in the year, at a NOH (Night of Healing held at the Celebration House on the first Saturday of most months) an older gentlemen showed up with diabetes. He was on insulin shots daily. We commanded a new pancreas and for diabetes to leave his body. He instantly felt better as the power of God swept though his body, but we could not tell about the diabetes. He returned a few weeks later to report that he went to his doctor and he was no longer diabetic, no longer taking shots or anything else for diabetes.


Then at another NOH, we had a young woman come suffering with Crohn’s Disease (What Dianne was miraculously healed of in 1991). Dianne prayed for her, but the woman wanted pray for her sister who was staying with her and had cancer. In proxy for her sister, we laid hands and commanded cancer to leave that girls body. We received word a few weeks later that the visit to the doctor resulted in a report of no cancer, much to the amazement of the doctor.


Then John came to a meeting with a heart problem. The doctor wanted to put him on a heart fibulator because his heart rate was so slow. His appointment was in a couple of weeks. We did not know his problem when he arrived, but Dianne received a word of knowledge about him and whispered in his ear that God had given him a new heart. Well, we did not see him for months. He returned to tell us he had gone back to the doctor and his results confounded the doctor. John’s heart rate was normal as was his echo cardiogram. His next appointment was in six months, and he received the same report. He had a new heart. It was after the second appointment that John returned to tell us the good news.


A couple of meetings later, we found out John had an inhaler because he had trouble with his lungs. He would easily get shortness of breath. Well, we commanded healing in those lungs and John can now take deep breaths and has no need for that inhaler anymore.

Back Pain

In September I went for a cleaning and six month dental checkup. When the doctor came in to see me, he immediately complained of back pain. And this was interesting; he spoke about seeing Dianne on television ministering. I asked if he wanted God to heal his back. When he finished with me, he started to leave the room and I told him to stop and sit down. I got up and grew out his legs commanding the back pain to go. Much to his amazement, God healed him right there in his office! Dianne went to see him for her checkup a few days later and he reported his back was feeling great.


We were on our way out to a class reunion planning meeting one Saturday night and a couple of our fellowship members showed up with a new person. They thought we had a NOH that night and he came to be healed. We apologized for having to go out, but right there in our front yard, we laid hands on his eyes. He could not see out of his right eye due to macular degeneration and it was beginning to affect his left eye as well. After commanding healing in his eyes, he could see out of the right eye and his left eye was clear.


At that reunion meeting, I was able to testify about Dianne’s healing and what we do in our ministry to a classmate sitting near me. I invited her to a BDG (Bible Discovery Group) that was happening in a few days in Newport. She came to that meeting and was healed of arthritis in her left hip.

Frozen Shoulder

At that same meeting a woman showed up that the host person had met months before and given her phone number to. All week long this woman kept getting the feeling she needed to call. Well, she called that afternoon and showed up for the meeting. She had numbness in both arms, neuropathy, and a frozen right shoulder. Needles to say, God touched her in a big way. The numbness in her body was gone and she could raise her arms over her head and even reach around and touch the back of her neck. No more pain.


At that same meeting, another member was having heart problems. Two of his valves were blocked and God gave him a new heart that night.

Back pain

At one of our Florida BDGs, a member was having constant back pain for quite a while. We grew out his legs and the pain left.

Then Dianne was attending a meeting at a church in Ft. Myers, about an hour south of our Port Charlotte home. The mother of an employee of Dianne’s cousin heard about Dianne and drove over and hour and a half to meet Dianne. Needless to say, when Dianne prayed for her, her back was healed.

Dianne went to a hearing aid place in Florida with her mother and was able to lay hands on the receptionist and heal her back as well.


We had a couple over our house that we had not seen in years. He gets words of knowledge in the form of pictures. He was having heart problems, shortness of breath and pain. I laid hands on his heart and commanded a new one. As I was doing this he looked at Dianne and told her he saw a problem in her nose. The passageway was suffering from being burned from a chemical.

Nasal Passage

Sure enough, Dianne had been having a problem for days. I had prayed for her and others had as well with no results. As soon a he mentioned the exact problem as God had shown him, Dianne knew what it was. She had been cleaning with chlorine bleach the week before and had inhaled a quantity of it. It was after that she had the problem in her nose. God healed her right then and there. He reported back the next time we spoke to him that his energy was back, he was not having shortness of breathe anymore, and the pain was gone.


The son of one of our BDG members was having heart problems. He came with her to an NOH and God touched him in a big way. He received Jesus as his Lord and Savior and God healed his heart.

Kyphosis, Back Pain, Heart, Arthritis

We dropped in to a local church in Cranston for their Sunday morning service and were able to minister healing to a number of people at the request of the pastor at the end of the service. One woman received a healing from back pain, another with a heart issue needed a fibulator (she reported feeling tremendous heat from Dianne’s hands), a man for back, hip, and arthritis (his legs were off by two inches), and a young man for curvature of the spine (Kyphosis).

Knees, Feet, Lungs

At the October NOH, we did not have any visitors, but everyone there needed and received a healing. One for knees, both Dianne and I for pain in our feet, and another for hip pain. This is the night John, mentioned above, got rid of the need for that inhaler.

Back Pain

At school one morning, one of my colleagues was complaining of severe back pain. He had injured it the day before with some heavy lifting and was discussing with another colleague the merits of various pain medications. I asked if he want prayer. One leg was shorter than the other, so I grew out his legs (commanded his back to line up and for his legs to be the same length) and commanded the pain to go. He said he felt good enough to go teach his class.

Back Pain

A couple of days later a representative of one of the textbook companies was visiting me in my college office. One thing led to another and it was mentioned that she had constant back pain and had since she was born due to a malformation in one of her hip sockets. I prayed for her and the pain left for the first time in her life. She emailed me a week later to tell me she was still pain free.


At a BDG, one of the member's wives received healing of arthritis in her knees. As Dianne laid hands on her knees, she felt heat that she described as icy hot. She had never felt anything like it before and the pain was gone.

Trip to Connecticut October 15-16, 2008

Dianne and I spoke at the Danbury, Connecticut Full Gospel meeting, on Saturday evening, the 15th. There was a lot going on all evening beginning with great praise and worship to a CD we had brought. There was dancing and His anointing filled the room. Three women business owners were brought to the front and we prayed for them. Dianne had a word for them. We had a raffle and one of the women won a Kissed by Jesus coffee mug. Dianne read a poem she had written the day before and I gave a brief testimony of our walk before and after Dianne’s healing. We spoke about a number of healings we have seen in our services as the Holy Spirit brought them up to us. They were eager to hear of our experiences in Lakeland, Florida, so we spent a few minutes giving testimony to what we felt, observed, and experienced.

Then we opened the meeting up for healing. I had a word of knowledge about numbness in arms and two men came forward. The first had numbness, heart trouble, and prostrate cancer. God touched him in a big way and he was down in the spirit for a long time.

By the time the evening was over, we had ministered to everyone. God healed knees, toes, hearts, numbness in hands, arthritis, bi-polar, ears, hips, a frozen shoulder, and other issues we cannot recall.

We stopped for coffee and a bagel after the meeting with the chapter President and one of the members. While we were being served, our waitress complained of pain in her wrist. It seems she had broken it and it did not heal correctly. I laid hands on her wrist and we could tell by the expression on her face that the pain was gone.

On Sunday morning, the 16th,  we preached at the True Life Community Church. This new church meets at the Holiday Inn Express in Waterbury, Connecticut until they can find a building of their own. Praise and worship was live with a young women playing the guitar. Amy was very good and the anointing was strong—a good mix of praise music.

After a brief teaching by the pastor on Halloween, the morning was turned over to us. Dianne was led to share her experiences with a ouija board when she was a young girl. Then she testified about our boys bringing home one and how it remembered her and told them, after being commanded to do so in the name of Jesus, that it was satan.

I felt we needed to explain our definition of Healing Evangelist and that led to reading Mark 16:15-18—the Great Commission. As I read, the Holy Spirit led each us to preach on various aspects of that scripture.

We shared many healing testimonies both from the last few weeks, from our Lakeland, Florida experience, and from previous meetings. Then we opened the meeting for healing. By the time we finished, everyone had received a touch from God.

One woman was having leg and hip aches. I grew out her legs and command the ache to leave. Dianne did the hips. There were many others touched emotionally and physically.

The pastors invited us to lunch and we spent time getting to know each other better. They invited us to return in November.


Visited my mother today, 10/27/2008. She will be 101 in a couple of weeks. She complained of a headache as we visited and I immediately put my hand on her forehead and commanded the ache to leave in the name of Jesus. It left immediately.

Night of Healing 11-1-2008

At the November Night of Healing a man came in looking very drawn. He had an oxygen bottle with him as he was having problems breathing. He told us the top half of each lung was gone. His skin was grayish and he was moving very slowly as he came in. He had diabetes and as a result his kidneys and liver had failed. He was on dialysis three times a week. He later testified that as Dianne was speaking his breathing had improved. We could tell that his voice had also become stronger. We laid hands on his chest and prayed for new lungs, kidney, liver, and pancreas. Color came back in his face and as he left, he was noticeably stronger.

Another man who we had prayed with prior for eyesight, mentioned he had diabetes. We had not known this. When Dianne placed her hand on him and prayed for a new pancreas and correct insulin levels, they both felt movement in the area of his pancreas. Dianne said it was like feeling a baby in the womb kicking! God was giving him a new pancreas. His eyesight was better, but still not fully restored. We laid hands on is eyes for complete healing.

A woman in the group was having pain in her left foot. As we laid hands on her foot, she said it felt much better. The pain had not left completely, so prayed until the pain left.

Another man has been having back pain, so we had him sit down on a straight backed chair and checked the lengths of his legs. Sure enough, one leg appeared about an inch shorter than the other. As we commanded the back to be straightened and the hips to line up, the leg grew out—they both became the same length. As this was occurring, his face showed amazement as he felt the changes occurring in his body.

Dianne prayed in proxy for a friend of ours who had been diagnosed as needing a heart fibulator. We called forth strong heart muscle and a desire to exercise to build up her heart. We will be sending her a healing cloth that was prayed over. God also touched toes, an arm with a large bruise, and by proxy a woman with stage four cancer.