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Bible Discovery Groups

Groups of Christians, believers and followers of Jesus Christ, who meet weekly in each other's homes to discover the truth in God's word. They are the body of Christ meeting as His church.

Those who participate may attend various local churches. They are encouraged to continue wherever they are at as the groups meet during the week on various days.

Jesus tells us that wherever two or more believers are He will meet them. Each evening is rich with the presence of the Holy Spirit to guide, comfort, encourage, and heal those present.

Contact The Evans to find a group near you or to start one of your own.


This is not a Bible study led by one person or a video or a book other than the Bible. It is a group experience led by Holy Spirit. As the group reads from Matthew though Jude, revelation jumps off the pages and pops into their heads ready to share. It is a Bible Discussion. Our walks and experiences may differ, yet our purpose remains the same--to grow in Christ and to encourage others to do the same. This meeting is to be engaging and inspiring for everyone who attends.


Similar to a greeter at a church, the host will:

  • Meet and greet people with a smile and a loving embrace

  • Open their home for all those who are participating in the group

  • Prepare coffee and/or soft drinks and an atmosphere of love and acceptance

  • Have proper lighting for reading scripture

Who We Are

  • We are encouragers of inspiration to others in their faith by giving current testimony using scripture as well as our current walk.

  • When we gather we are NOT pastor, teacher, or preacher. We come together title-less as equals in the faith sharing from our hearts.

  • As we gather, there is no denomination represented. We are the Christian church, the body of Christ, who have Him as our center and seek to deepen our faith walk with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  • We do not gather for group counseling or for the dumping of one's burdens but rather to share our experiences as they relate to the scripture at hand.

 Where we are Going

It is our intention that when we leave, we become carriers of the Light of Jesus. We are a voice to a dying world and a source of refreshment to those whom are thirsty. As the Spirit leads, we will reach out to our community and touch those around us for the Gospel's sake!

 Meeting Schedule

We meet weekly on Thursdays. The group moves from house to house with the location determined at the end of each meeting.

6:30 Fellowship

7:00 Discussion

After an opening prayer, each person take a turn reading scripture and discussing the passages as they relate to life today

8:00 Closing prayer

People are free to leave or stay for more fellowship and or prayer, share prayer requests, and when finished pray for each request.


This includes all of us. It is our meeting. It is our choice to come and our choice to have an interesting, interactive meeting discovering, with the help of the Holy Spirit, the truths in the scripture we read, and discussing how these truths can apply to our lives today. This can only happen if we all:

  • Come ready to assist

  • Encourage each other as the discussion go on

  • Be willing to pray, read scripture and contribute by sharing your life experience in your walk with the Lord with others.

  • Are willing to share your joys and maybe your concerns for prayer


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