Email from Pastor Boore:
From: Alphonso Boore
Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2009 1:23 PM
To: Evans, Richard
Subject: Greetings from the Church

Dear Dick and Dianne,

Greeting from the church.

Present development:
Samaritans Purse International, a Christian organization based in Monrovia, is in the village conducting four months of lower level training for all Bible believing churches.

We have a total of fifty-six persons to be trained. We are nine persons in number from our churches that are also part of the training.

We will be graduating by September 20, 2009 requirements are needed for graduation such as printing of T-shirts etc. Will you kindly assist with the cost of the printing Cost? ($350.00USD)

We have been going through villages with the Good News. In most recent time, I went with a team of three persons into the village of Yopea. We spoke to seventy-five persons in a public place and fifteen persons were converted.

We had an accident with the motor-cycle on our return to Yekehyee. We thank God that nothing so serious happened to us. We experience some little cuts in hands and little damage to the bike.

May you pray for us for God's protection?

Sorry that we cannot send you photographs of those activities covered. My camera has problems making it hard for me to send you some pictures as expected. Please try to find me a still camera.

With love in Christ.

Pastor Alphonso Boore
Yekehyee Inland Church