The evans ministries

Equipping People for Life


Ministries around the world that we support in prayer and in other ways as God leads us.

What we are currently able to provide to overseas ministries:
  • Prayer for the ministry and people involved in the work
  • Assistance and training in the creation of an online presence
  • Teaching material for pastors by postal mail or email
  • Personal prayer and encouragement by email
What we are unable to provide at this time:
  • Sponsorship for visiting the USA
  • Financial assistance


We have created and are updating a website for Pastor Job in Haiti. 
We supported our friend Chester in prayer in March of 2010 when he was on a mission trip with a team of 23 from Monticello, KY. See pictures --> more

Liberia, Africa

May 2012:
Click to view latest from Brother Roberts in Liberia
View their website which we provide and update at
Pastor Alphonso Boore Holding Dick's Inspirational Thoughts BookMotorcycle from America July 2008
You might want to ask us, "How did this all happen"? Well it was a combination of the prophetic word, people speaking their heart, and others hearing the call within!
This month, July 2008, we were able to supply them with a motorcycle due to the generous donations received over the past few months. more-->
December 2008. Received some pictures and a letter from Pastor Boore. more-->
August 2009. Shipped a container filled with clothing, medical supplies, Bibles, and more. Will be arriving in Liberia end of September. Also received an email from Pastor Boore more-->
October 2009. Received container and more-->


Kenya, Africa

Pastor Alex Masika of the Hope Home for orphans in Keyna is one of the African ministries we pray for. The above picture is of him ministering at a crusade, with his orphanage. A few years ago we were able to bless him with a notebook computer.