Healing Workshop Port Charlotte Florida

March 5-6, 2010

The Evans Healing Workshop Testimonies

Port Charlotte, Florida

March 5-6, 2010


Friday evening was Day 1 of the Healing Workshop. Eight in attendance in addition to us and the Holy Spirit! It was a great night. God used people to lay hands on each other.


Fibromyalgia was the first to be healed. All pain left Anneís body after Jeannette laid hands on her. While the Holy Spirit was moving on Anne, Dianne had Barry and Cheryl come up and feel the heat radiating from Anneís body. The Holy Spirit was all over her.


Next Naomi laid hands on Barry for a trigger finger in his left hand. He could painfully close his hand, but when he opened it the middle finger would be stuck. To stretch it out, he had to painfully bend it out. After the first time she commanded the pain to leave, it did but the finger, although moving on its own, still pained him and he could hear the click. Second time the pain left. The third time, after commanding the click to go, the click and the pain were gone. He kept looking at his hand opening and closing it. Thank you Jesus!


Next we tested everyone for carpal tunnel syndrome. Anne told us she was due to have her wrist operated on this coming Thursday and that her fingers were numb. Millie did not have any strength in her fingers at all. We had Anne lay hands on Millie and command the tunnels to open and for strength in her whole body. When we tested Millie again she had so much strength in her finger we were unable to pull them apart at all.


Then we had Cheryl come forward and lay hands on Anne for carpal tunnel syndrome and the numbness in her fingers. Cheryl commanded the tunnels to open and for the numbness to leave. Ann tested her hands and all numbness was gone. Praise God!


Day 2 was even more exciting than Day 1. There was an Aglow meeting in the morning in Port Charlotte. Alice left our meeting near noon and headed over to let the Aglow girls know what was going on. Five showed up for the afternoon. All received ministry. Here is a quick summary of the healings that occurred on Saturday.


Cliff had problems with strength in his body, knee pain, and he said he waddled when he walked. Someone laid hands on him and the pain left and the waddle was gone! Thank you Jesus!


Mille had knee pain and God dealt with that on Friday. Someone grew out her legs and commanded the pain to go. It did. Then on Saturday someone mentioned that she could not hear very well. We asked if she wanted God to restore her hearing. She said yes, and we had someone lay hands on her ears and command a creative miracle in her ears and for her ear canals to be opened and her hearing restored. Then Dianne walked around her whispering numbers and she heard it all!


Ann came from the Aglow meeting. After sitting in on the afternoon teaching and feeling the strong presence of the Lord, she asked for healing. She had quite a list including scoliosis, arthritis in her hands and knees, osteoporosis, heart issues, thyroid problems (they had taken it out), and esophagus problems. Without getting into the details, someone laid hands on Ann and God wiped out the list! The pain in her hands and knees left and we know He fixed her heart and gave her a new thyroid. Dianne checked her back and all signs of scoliosis were gone. Thank you Jesus!


Naomi had her legs grown out on Friday and her knees were healed. On Saturday she told us of the heart problem she had. She had shortness of breath as a result of it. We had someone command a creative miracle and install a new heart in her body. The shortness of breath went away and she felt fine. Later she made a comment about not being able to taste or smell anymore. Well God took care of that and she tasted the grapes Alice handed her, and with her eyes closed recognized the smell of the orange Dianne placed near her nose. Her taste buds were renewed and her sense of smell restored. Praise God!


After giving Naomi a new heart, Barry talked about the fifteen blockages he had been diagnosed with. Alice came forward and commanded a rotor-rooter job on his arteries! We are waiting to hear the good report from him after he tests it out over the next week or two.


Anne felt Godís touch on Friday when He healed her of fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and numbness in two of her fingers. We found out more of the issues she was dealing with on Saturday. As the afternoon progressed we saw God heal her of back and knee pain, coccyx bone pain, colitis, and migraines! Thank you Jesus!


Grace joined us first thing Saturday morning. She was heavy with depression and in need of ministry right away. Dianne ministered to her and the heaviness lifted. She left a little while later to pick up her husband. After lunch Grace returned and she looked like a new woman. She told she had known she had the authority, but never realized she also had the power to pray and take control of the enemy. Thank God.


Barbara joined us later in the day, so she did not get to hear the teachings, but she did witness many healings as participants laid hands on each other and commanded wellness in each otherís bodies. When approached she said yes, she was in need of healing. Dianne interviewed her at length and then prayed for the things she was dealing with. There was a peace about her when Dianne finished.


There were tears in the house as the Holy Spirit swept through each of us all afternoon.


Then when we were handing out certificates to those who were present for both days of training, Alice mentioned the things she was dealing with, believing God would heal her some day. Well today is some day! God brought to mind to her the scripture that says ďask not, want notĒ. Dianne laid hands on her for arthritis, an auto-immune disease, back pain, and more. Last, but not least Alice was healed.


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