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Summary of September 2011

Week ending 9/4/2011

FGBMFI Breakfast on Saturday morning. About 30 in attendance. After we spoke, God healed all who came forward; at least 20. Backs, knees, necks, heart, numbness in left side including a twitch around left eye. Grew out many legs. Prayed for healing in a marriage. Prayed in proxy for a wife with arthritis pain, 18 month old being healed from brain cancer, daughter who has MS, and a woman who is recovering from heart attack, and more we could not remember!

Week ending 9/11/2011

BDG in RI on Wednesday where Dianne and I talked about our experiences over the last year. We prayed together. There was prophetic words over Dick and Dianne, Darryl and Paul. Felice received healing in her left knee as Dianne laid hands and prayed. Zulmira prayed for Dick’s knee and elbow. Great night.

Spent Friday-Sunday at Dick’s 50th High School reunion. Dick did the invocation. We were able to pray for three people.

Week ending 9/18/2011

BDG in RI. Good discussion on Luke 1:1-56. Felice reported continued healing in her knee.
Ministered at a weekly prayer meeting at St Patrick's church in Wareham, MA at 7pm. Anointed prayer and worship time preceded our ministering, during prayer Dianne and Dick had words, and during worship Dianne had a prophetic word for the group. After our brief message all came forward and healed many issues including scoliosis, hearts, diabetes, blood pressure, sinus infection, allergies, hot flashes, nodule on thyroid , bone spurs, lesion on nose, aching joints, and arthritis.

Received email from the women at the class reunion breakfast that Dianne prayed for her knees. She reported that her knees were better and still feeling warm.

Week ending 9/18/2011

Healing Service at Gospel Light Christian Fellowship in Danielson CT on Sunday morning.

Dianne announced a few words of knowledge she and I had had about needed healing in the room and told them to run up to the front. When she called out kidney, a gentleman from the back ran forward, cane and all. He had been on dialysis weekly. God gave him new kidneys, removed the pain he was in, and he walked around without that cane, pain free.

The first person Dianne laid hands on was taken down in the spirit receiving her healing. Another woman came forward with back pain and as Dick laid hands on her back she straightened right up and appeared to grow a couple of inches. All pain left.

Dick prayed for another woman with a walker who was complaining of knee pain. He laid hands on her knee and all pain left. She also was deaf in her left ear and wearing a hearing aid in her right because of almost total loss in that ear. As he laid hands on her, she fell forward quickly in the Spirit as men attempted to catch her. She was down for a while. Later Dick persistently prayed for both ears and she received partial hearing in the left ear (she was totally deaf in that one) and was able to hear out of the right ear without the hearing aid. Then with his help she walked around the room without the walker. As they rounded the room she told Dick to let go; she wanted to do it by herself and she did.

They grew out legs and arms. Backs were healed, knees were healed, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, dizziness, low blood pressure, fatigue, wariness and more. Prayed for wisdom. Laid hands on a little baby with a stomach issue. And more we could not remember.

Week Ending 9-25-2011

Workshop session 1 of 3 at Sheppard of Faith Ministries in Richmond, ME on Thursday evening, 9-22-2011. Jesus healed lower back, sciatica, scoliosis, lumps in breast, bulging disc, upper back, knee, carpal tunnel. During the teaching, Dianne had a word of knowledge about someone with a sharp pain in her breast. A woman cam forward and received immediate relief as Dianne laid hands on her. During practice a man was being prayed for with back pain. His legs were grown out and the pain subsided. However, when he stood Dianne noticed a bulging disc at the top of his spinal column. The person praying for him commanded the disc to shrink and go back into place. It did!

At session 2 on Friday Evening; Jesus healed Arthritis, fibromyalgia, Psoriasis, allergies, TMJ, tendonitis, hearing. We heard testimonies about what God revealed to them during the teaching the previous evening and how He healed them. During practice many were healed, but two stood out. One lady was having trouble hearing. We tested her hearing by speaking to her softly with our mouth covered so she could not read our lips. After persistent prayer she was able to pass the hearing test. Another had arthritis in her hands. They ached. She was prayed for and the spirit of arthritis cast out. The ache left her hands. We asked about similar artrithic issues in her body and she revealed a problem with her feet. She was not able to move any of her toes at all. Without any more prayer she took off her shoes and her toes had already been healed. She had full mobility back.
Saturday morning was the last session; the wrap up handing out certificates to those completing the workshop. Prayed for arthritis, asthma, comedienne meds, heart, diabetes, lower back pain, mindset, sciatica, and Parkinson's.

One woman who had healing in her toes yesterday woke up with some pain. She reached down and laid hands on her own toes, rebuked the pain, and it left.

Stayed at a B&B in Winterport, ME and the proprietor was suffering from chronic back pain. After growing out her legs and commanding the pain to leave she walked around surprised saying it was much better. Praise God!

Healing service at Homes of Revival Worship in Bucksport ME. This was a first for us--hands on at a church service plus a live stream over the Internet with people calling in and being healed over the phone and right there at the church. Of what we can remember, Jesus healed lower back pain in many, rotor cuff, knees, bones spurs, fused disc in back, enlarged heart, cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia, tail bone, kidneys, acid re-flux/Hialeah hernia, headaches, eyes, elbow, ankle, and more...

A young man came forward with two fused discs in the middle of his back from birth. Terrific pain when he attempts to lift something over fifty pounds. We had someone pay their hand on his backs at the point of the problem and call forth a creative miracle. When then had him thank Jesus and test out his healing by lifting a young girl of about sixty-five pounds. He did so without any pain and as it began to lift, we heard a pop from his back as the discs were freed. Then he lifted her a second time even higher. Then he attempted a man of about two hundred pound and even though he tried with all his might there we no pain.

On one of the phone calls as a result of the live Internet feed a woman who had ankle pain the result to an old accident. Also knee pain so that she could only walk at a very slow gate. She also had pain in her left elbow. We called forth healing in her ankle and knee and for a healing in her left shoulder causing the pain in her elbow. She began to walk at a rapid pace without pain.

There was a woman present who had a pain in her right back. She also told us of a fall she had as a young child where she had broken her coccyx (tail bone). We had someone grow out her lags and command a creative miracle completely regenerating her tail bone. As soon as the word went forth she jumped in her chair and exclaimed "I did not expect that!" All pain left.

 We thank Jesus for what he did. All the glory goes to Him!

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ory goes to Him!

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