Dianne Updates

Dianne A Evans passed away on
April 3rd 2014 in Port Charlotte, FL

In lieu of flowers please consider donating in her memory to either Tidewell Hospice House in Port Charlotte, Florida http://tidewell.org/hospice/donors/ or the Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation https://foundation.flcancer.com/donate/.

Click to read the obituary appearing in the Port Charlotte Sun on Sunday, April 6, 2014

Summaries of all three Celebration services (FL, KY and RI) below:

I have condensed the long update list I was running daily since the hospital
in March and will continue to do updates during the weeks ahead.  -- Dick

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Granddaughter, Cynthia and Me 6-24-2013

Current Details in newest first format

 A message Dianne gave at the Celebration House on 2-26-2006

5-7-2014 -- Grave site service with the family: Rick, Susanne, Tim, Cheryl, Todd, Lori, and Jay. I read a short prayer (below) and lowered the box containing Dianne's ashes into the ground. Each of us then dropped a scoop of dirt on top of the box. We placed flowers on the grave and on the graves of my mother and father and grandparents. Then we all went to lunch together.

The stone to the left is where my parents remains are buried. Dianne is behind that stone. Stones to the right are my great-grandparents.

Dick covering Dianne's ashes 5-7-2014

COMMITTAL PRAYER for Dianne Evans, May 7, 2014

Heavenly Father, we thank You this day for Your precious, eternal, and unchanging Word. We thank You that You are, to us, the Rock of Ages and the great I AM.

In the midst of our natural sorrow, we thank You for Your supernatural peace, comfort and grace.

In the face of death, we thank You for Your gift of eternal life.

In the face of separation, we thank You for the eternal reunion we so eagerly anticipate.

Dianne is not here. She stands in the presence of the Lord, the same Jesus who said to the dying man on a cross “...TODAY YOU SHALL BE WITH ME IN PARADISE.”

We thank You, Lord for Dianne’s life here on this earth. We acknowledge that she is rejoicing, even now, in Your very presence, praising You and enjoying the blessings of Heaven.

The ashes contained in this box came from the earthly tabernacle, the house in which Dianne lived among us for a time. Tenderly and reverently, we commit that house to the grave, to God who gave it, waiting for the day when both the spirit and the body shall again be united at the coming of the Lord, and we find great comfort in knowing that we shall forever be together with the Lord.

We thank You Father, that in the days, weeks, and months to come, these realities and the abiding presence of Your Holy Spirit will especially strengthen, sustain, and comfort our friends and family.


5-6-2014 -- Celebration Service at Christian Hill Community Church in Coventry, RI
It was a wonderful Celebration service this morning at for my wife and best friend, Dianne Evans. Nearly 100 came to celebrate with family Dianne's/Mom's life with slides and songs and sharing. Thanks to Pastor Dave for a wonderful message and for adding some KY flavor to it. And to all who brought food to share as we fellowshipped in the "living room" afterwards.

4-25-2011 -- Celebration Service at Steubenville Baptist in Monticello, KY
Another sunny day with a church filled with love and remembrance of Dianne. A service filled with love of the Lord and of fond memories of Dianne and her close walk with Jesus Christ. Many came up front to talk about their experience with Dianne. She touched many lives here in Monticello and their words were a wonderful tribute to Dianne and her walk with Jesus. Thank you all who were able to come and be with us as we Celebrated Dianne's life. Thanks again for your support, encouragement, and love.

4-11-2014 -- Celebration Service at Faithlife Church in Port Charlotte, Florida
It was a sunny day and almost 100 came to help us celebrate the life of our friend, sister in the Lord, my wife, Dianne. It was a beautiful service that lasted about an hour and a half, but seemed like an instant. I thank all of you who were able to come and be with us and the family here in Florida. Thank you for your cards, emails, Facebook posts, calls, and visits.

Dick at the Celebration Service 4-11-2014

4-3-2014 -- Day 749, day 42 in Hospice House
8:00 AM Uneventful night. Both of us slept good. Dianne is about the same as yesterday; breathing less regular. Randy & Marie bringing me breakfast.

10:00 AM No changes. BP and HR down from yesterday, temp is up. The staff here tells me she may hold the record for number of days at this house. Waiting on God and Dianne. We give all the Glory to God and know that His plan will prevail in all our circumstances of this life on earth toward an eternal life with Him. Thanks for your prayers for God's will in her life today.

1:10 PM Pastor Rich came to visit and pray with Dianne. Jim & Cindy came a few minutes after 1. With my hand holding her hand Dianne peacefully passed away at 1:10 PM. Jim, Cindy, Randy, Marie, and Patrick all helped me gather up our things and head home knowing our friend and my wife are now home in heaven with our Father God and Jesus. Thank you all for your prayer throughout this season in our lives. We will have a celebration service here in Port Charlotte, FL and then in a few weeks in Monticello, KY and in RI. Details will be posted on this page and our blogs, websites, and Facebook. May God bless each of you mightily.

4-2-2014 -- Day 748, day 41 in Hospice House
10:00 AM She slept the entire night. I was up and down as her breathing would change or she would sound like she was choking. Stopped breathing a couple of times. Breathing erratic now. BP 102/70 HR 86 Temp 98.3. Randy and Marie brought me breakfast. Dianne is resting comfortably, but non responsive at this point and being kept pain free by the wonderful staff here at Hospice House. Breathing is very shallow but steady.

6:30 PM Many visitors today. Sally stopped in to see us. Pastor Rich came to pray. Mom spent most of the day. Conrad and Jackie came and spent some time with Mom. Becky came and prayed. Michelle and Michael and Noah came. Michael brought his guitar and they sang worship songs to her for over an hour. God's presence was felt by all. Pastor Dan stopped and visited and prayed with her as well. Becky came back with dinner and stayed until it was time for bed.

4-1-2014 -- Day 747, day 40 in Hospice House
10:00 AM Dianne is about the same this morning. Randy & Marie were here before I awoke. I was up a few times in the middle of the night and was still sleeping at 9. Dianne's BP 116/70 HR 115 Temp 102.8 this morning. Time is getting shorter for her to be with us on this earthly plain. She is heaven bound for sure. Thank you for all you prayers.

3:45 PM Pastor Rich came to pray with us .Mom came for a couple of hours. Becky and Jan came also. Just a waiting time now. Breathing is shallow. Having trouble coughing up the mucus. Her temperature is down and feels cooler to the touch. Later in the afternoon they put a patch behind her left ear. When they were repositioning her she was cough up phlegm. This is supposed to help that situation.

8:00 PM Dianne has been sleeping soundly for a couple of hours. Breathing shallow, but steady. Irv & Sally came to visit.

3-31-2014 -- Day 746, day 39 in Hospice House
8:30 AM Was up early this morning. Dianne sleeping soundly still. Just took her vitals: BP 106/66 HR 113 Temp 101.2. Tuffy with me again. Expecting Marie & Randy in a little while. Helen came back last night with a meal for me and stayed while I went back home to take Tuffy out. Thanks again for your prayers for God's will to be done.

1:00 PM Marie & Randy came late this morning. I had the meal Helen brought for lunch. Sally is here now praying with Dianne who is still sleeping. Just after Sally left, Becky came and read scripture and prayed with her. Dianne is not speaking today but she is hearing all that is said. Matter of fact she is hearing without her hearing aids.

7:45 PM Marie & Randy brought Tuffy back home and left her with John & Ina, our neighbors. Carol R from Faithlife stopped to see Dianne and encourage us. Mom popped in with cousins Karol and Paul to see Dianne. Linda came to be with us later in the evening before we had lights out. Thanks for the prayers and encouragement from everyone.

3-30-2014 -- Day 745, day 38 in Hospice House
10:45 AM Still sleeping peacefully. BP 104/50 pulse 99 temp 99.1 earlier this morning. Tuffy is here with me. Patrick came and spent a couple of hours with me. Listening to scripture thanks to the CD's Paul & Rose dropped off. Thanks for your encouragement and prayers, your emails and FB messages. Blessings to each of you.

8:00 PM Had a bath and a change of nightgown a little while ago. Marie and Randy were here most of the day, got me lunch, and Randy went with me for dinner. Sally came by and prayed with her later in the afternoon. Linda came while I was out for dinner and stayed until I fell asleep talking to her. LOL. Helen is here with us now.

3-29-2014 -- Day 745, day 37 in Hospice House
9:30 AM Another restful sleep. She looks comfortable. Tuffy is here with us again this morning. Dianne's BP and HR this morning was 117/92 98. Up a little from the other day, but still about normal for her. Is not eating or drinking anything anymore. Stomach not absorbing anything that goes into it, so it has to come back up later. The meds are taking care of any pain. Still talkative when she wakes up. Praying for God's will over her life.

4:45 PM After her meds at 3 she went back into a deep sleep. She is resting comfortably. Marie & Randy came to stay while I take Tuffy home and go to church. Becky came to visit while I gone.

10:15 PM Tuffy is back home for the night. Before I left to get her settled Pastor Rich came to  pray for Dianne. She is still sleeping comfortably. Just got her anti anxiety meds. All set now until her 12:00 AM anti nausea meds. Thanks for all your prayers.

3-28-2014 -- Day 744, day 36 in Hospice House
10:15 AM Getting a bath now. I went home early and walked Tuffy then brought her back with me to be with mommy. She is being good lying at the end of Dianne's bed or on the couch with me. Dianne slept right through until about 6:00 AM. She wanted some ice chips and then was nauseas. They repositioned her then gave her meds and she went back to sleep for a while. Mom came over to sit with her late this morning.

5:00 PM Has had a restless and uncomfortable afternoon. Thanks to Jan and Andy and Jim and Cindy for coming to visit while I took Tuffy back to the house. Dianne was awake all the time I was gone and this was unusual. She was agitated even though she had just received her meds and that usually put her to sleep. Turns out the air mattress they have her on to prevent bed sores was inflated yesterday by somebody and it was too hard. They removed some of the air and she was comfortable and went right of to sleep. Spoke to the Dr and they are not changing her status to resident just yet. She was having a lot of nausea over the last two days and pain I am sure due to the retching. Pain meds have been increased from 2ml per hour to 3ml. Anti nausea meds have been increased back to 2ml every 6 hours. Anti anxiety meds are being left as is every 8 hours for now. Might double that by 2 and give it every 6 instead of 8 hours. Will see how the weekend

3-27-2014 -- Day 743, day 35 in Hospice House
11:00 AM Slept all night again. Much better that they are giving her the meds at 6a, 2p, and 10p. She does not have to get woken up between 10p and 6a. I went home this morning and brought Tuffy back to see her. She is now sleeping at the foot of mommy's bed. They are both resting. Tried some sips of Coke this morning at Dianne's request. The little she had came back up. Ice chips are going down okay, so we will stick with them for now. Pastor Rich came before lunch while Tuffy was here. And Sally came after noon.

Tuffy at the end of Dianne's bed  3-27-2014

5:30 PM Thanks Jan and Andy for staying with Dianne while I taught this afternoon. While I was gone Helen stopped as did Paul & Rose.  Linda brought me dinner and Phil & Gale brought me a nice macaroni salad for tomorrow. I will head back to the house about 9 to settle Tuffy for the night and then come back to sleep here at Hospice House.

3-26-2014 -- Day 742, day 34 in Hospice House
10:00 AM Slept well. I was up this morning when the nurse came in to get her vitals and the BP was 113/72. Still getting the same three meds at the levels the Dr ordered. Pain meds being pumped in continuously using the Power Port. Breathing good and lungs still clear. Only taking in limited amount of fluids. No food.

3:00 PM Helen came over late this morning so I could go home for a little while. While I was gone Bonnie had come to visit. Dianne enjoyed seeing them both. After they left she had a little soda and some ice chips. Then just before her 2:00 PM meds, Lou and Fran from Cranston came over to visit. They were down here on vacation for a week and felt the need to come and see Dianne. Dianne's face lit up when she saw them and chatted quite a bit. Thanks for taking the time to come and see us, Lou and Fran.

6:00 PM Patrick came to visit and pray with us. We prayed in the spirit for quite a while and he was led to two scriptures: Mark 11:24 first and then 1 Samuel 3:11 (using Dianne's name). After he left they gave Dianne a bath and changed her bed and she went back to sleep.

3-25-2014 -- Day 741, day 33 in Hospice House
11:00 AM Another good nights sleep for both of us. She is still snoring away. I was up at 6 and decided it was too early so I rolled over until almost 10 AM! Guess I needed it.

There seems to be some confusion over the meds and how much she is taking. Let me try to clear that up.

Dianne is getting all the meds the Dr is suggesting. They are giving her pain meds, anti nausea meds, and anti anxiety meds around the clock. And the Dr has not reduced the amount of pain meds at all. A pump gives her pain meds continuously 24 x 7 directly into the port they used to give her the chemo in. The Dr did increase the amount Dianne could push using a button, but has since removed the button because she was getting the nurse call button and the pain button mixed up. When she wants a push now the nurse gives it to her. The only pain sometimes occur when they move her and twist her from side to side. This subsides in a few moments of rest or they give her push of meds to help. Kind of like having a bruise that only hurts when you press on it. Except for that she is in no pain and resting peacefully. I do not believe she is suffering. She was when she was on the chemo. That was awful. The only ones suffering now are all of us and each in our own way.

2:00 PM Mom came after her haircut and stayed a few hours. Marie and Randy also came and stayed while I went home to shower and wash some clothes.

8:00 PM Helen and Linda both came around supper time. I went out and ate at Perkins. When I left Dianne was talking with  Helen and watching the food channel. I came back in an hour and Linda was here. Dianne was resting but aware of what was being said. Now she is sleeping soundly and the TV is off.

3-24-2014 -- Day 740, day 32 in Hospice House
9:30 AM we both had a good night's sleep. Nurse evaluation this morning was about the same. BP good, lungs clear, breathing good, skin color good, and feet warm with no modeling. Meds are making her sleep most of the time. She does hear us even though she appears to be out of it. We know because she will make a comment now and then.

2:30 PM Marie and Becky came about the same time. I went home to wash a some clothes and take a shower. While I was gone Patrick came and the three of them prayed and sang together with Dianne. Thanks go out to Irv and Sally for bringing me lunch and visiting for a while.

5:30 PM Marie & Randy left a few minutes ago. Dianne is sleeping now, but was awake this afternoon and asked to watch the food channel. Speech is hard to understand, but we are getting most of what she says. When we don't she is frustrated. Dr Ray came by this afternoon and is reducing her anti nausea meds back to 1 ml. That is where it was before the hamburger issue. Hoping for another good night's sleep tonight.

3-23-2014 -- Day 739, day 31 in Hospice House
10:30 AM I just got up when the text message beep sounded. Dianne slept well all night. Not me. I was up and down and read an entire novel! Guess I finally conked out about 4 and slept right through after that. Patrick came after church and prayed with us. Dianne was alert when he was praying.

1:00 PM Mom came and then Vicky. Dianne woke up and talked to both of them. Vicky brought the painting she did during praise and worship today in church. Dianne liked it very much and told Vicky it was beautiful. Vicky spent over an hour massaging Dianne's feet and legs.

Vicky massaging Dianne's legs 3-23-2014             Vicky showing Dianne the picture she painted at church 3-23-2014

6:00 PM Dianne woke up to say HI to Pastor Rich a little while ago and then drifted back into a deep sleep. No pain, just resting. Praying she stays this way for the entire night and that I can drift off myself.

3-22-2014 -- Day 738, day 30 in Hospice House
10:00 AM Good night last night. She was only up for meds and really did not awaken. So I slept all night also. No more food requests and taking in little fluids. Linda visiting now.

2:00 PM Randy and Marie just left. While I was home taking a shower Pastor Rich came to visit. When I got back Becky was visiting with Marie as Dianne was still in a very deep sleep.

9:00 PM Marie stayed with Dianne while Randy and I went to church service tonight. When we came back Patrick and Marie were both with Dianne and she was awake and talking to them. Once they all left she went back into a deep sleep. Praying she continues to sleep through the night.

3-21-2014 -- Day 737, day 29 in Hospice House
12:45 PM It is like days are nights and nights are days. Was up most of the night with Dianne. She had slept most of the day yesterday so when she did wake up she was thirsty. So she drank water and coke. Then about an hour later she was nauseas and threw up most of what she drank. Then it was some sleep and then mostly awake. I finally got up about 10:30 AM and she was still sleeping. She is warm and comfortable. Patrick came this morning when we were both sleeping and prayed and left me a note. Jan is coming again this afternoon so I can go home and shower and get something to eat.

8:30 PM I had an early supper at Bob Evans with Barry and Cheryl. Dianne slept almost the entire time Jan was staying with her this afternoon. Bonnie Corbett came to visit, but I believe Dianne was asleep. Thanks for coming, Bonnie. Sally came this evening and it was good to be able to talk with her while Dianne was sleeping. She did not have much to drink today so we will see if her sleep tonight goes better than last night. 

3-20-2014 -- Day 736, day 28 in Hospice House
9:30 AM been here in Hospice House almost 3 weeks now. Had a rough night. Dianne was up and down with an upset stomach so I was up more than I was down. Guess that hamburger was not a good idea. Have to stick with non-red meat from now on. The lobster and Rice Krispies went down pretty good. Oh well, she is resting now.

8:00 PM Jan stayed with Dianne for a few hours this afternoon. They increased her anti nausea meds a little today because of the issues she was having all night and this morning, Darn hamburger! As a result she has been sound asleep breathing deeply and snoring most of the day. Becky came and left when she saw/heard the both of us snoring away around supper time. LOL Hope this means a good night's sleep for both of us tonight.

3-19-2014 -- Day 735
9:30 AM Patrick just left after praying with us this morning. Dianne is resting now after a bath and change of nightgown. She had a good nights sleep and so did I. God is good and we know His will prevails. Thanks for the continually prayers of the saints all over the world.

7:00 PM Mom came before noon and stayed for a while when Randy and Marie were here. I went home to shower. I missed seeing Pasto Rich who came while I was away. Andy and Jan came to visit later in the day as did Becky and Jim and Cindy. Asked if she was hungry and she said "actually I am hungry. I would like a hamburger with cheese." Linda brought dinner for her and I and brought the requested hamburger for Dianne. So that is just what we got and she had four bites of it!

She just got readjusted and settled in for the night. More meds and now she is in a deep sleep.

3-18-2014 -- Day 734
10:10 AM up and down most of the night. She slept pretty good. Needed something to drink a few times and to be moved. Woke up alert about 9:00 AM. BP 107/56 this morning. Just had some meds so she is sleeping soundly again for now. Mom coming to be with her in a little while.

8:30 PM had a good day today. Mom came late morning and spent the afternoon with Dianne. Randy stopped to visit around lunch time. Becky came a supper time so I could go home and get a load of wash done. And when Becky came Melody came and played her guitar and sang praise and worship songs for Dianne. Wonderful presence in the room.  he asked for a chocolate shake tonight and Becky made a run to McD to get it for her. Now it is time to go  to sleep for the night.

Dianne enjoying her chocolate shake. 3-18-2014

3-17-2014 -- Day 733
10:20 AM and still sleeping after last nights lobster dinner. Woke up a couple of times asking for something to drink. Her color looks good and her feet as well. A couple of days ago this was not the case. So we continue to trust in our God that He knows what is best for her and it is His will that will prevail. Praise be to God!

11:45 AM just woke up and asked for a drink of coke. I asked if she wanted something to eat and she said no. Drifted back to sleep again. Barry brought me lunch and stayed for a little while.

3:00 PM just got back from going home to take a shower and do a load of clothes. Marie and Randy stayed with Dianne. When I returned, Jan and Andy where here and Lori D with her younger daughter. Dianne got her relaxing meds and went back off to sleep again.

8:15 PM Dianne is asleep for the night. She asked for and ate a little mashed potatoes with gravy. Sally came to see her and pray. I ate some lobster leftovers. We serve a great God and believe all His promises.

9:00 PM wanted to eat again. We tried some leftover lobster but that didn't do it. She then asked for Rice Krispies  and ate a few spoonfuls with milk and sugar. Then she asked for the phone so she could call our daughter, Lori.

3-16-2014 -- Day 732
Sunday morning. A team from NC drove all night and arrived early this morning; Apostle Narh from Africa and three of his team to pray for Dianne. Patrick joined us in prayer. Stayed a while and prayed over her again later this morning. Now they are on their way back to NC. Dianne sleeping peacefully as she also did all night long.

Bernie and his team: Christine, Apostle Bernie Narh, Patricia, and Donovan. 3-16-2014

Vicky and Mom came later in the day. The Marie and Randy came. While Randy and I were out for dinner, Michelle came to visit as well.

A little before 9:00PM she insisted on a lobster dinner. So off I went to the Red Lobster before they closed. She ate a couple of shrimp, a mussel, and a number of bites of a lobster tail smothered in butter. It is a little after 10:00PM and she is now sound asleep with a full stomach.

Dianne and her lobster dinner 3-16-2014

3-15-2014 -- Day 731
Nothing much to report right now. It is 10:00 AM and she is sleeping soundly. Slept right though changing her pump in the middle of the night (her not me!). Breathing about the same as yesterday.

Mid-day now. Linda came this morning while I went to get coffee and Marie and Randy came so I could head home to take a shower. Dianne is still resting peacefully.

About 4:00 PM. Marie and Randy left and Mom came with a chocolate shake. Patrick came to pray with Dianne and she had a word for him.

10:15 PM. Becky came to stay for a while around supper time. Dianne wanted to have her hair washed, so Andee just finished giving her a full sponge bath and changed her nightgown and the bedding. Dianne is out like a light in a deep sleep.

Patrick praying for Dianne 3-15-2014

3-14-2014 -- Day 730
Two years ago today Dianne was operated on to remove the growth in her belly. She slept well again last night. Vicky came to visit early and had a good conversation with her cousin. Mom and Marie are here now and she is sleeping soundly. Patrick came to pray with her. Randy came after lunch time. Later in the day Becky came while I went out to get a bite to eat. Just before I left Pastor Rich came and prayed with us. Lastly Vicky came and prayed with her. Asked for some ice cream but was happy to settle for orange sherbet. Then Dianne got to talk with the boys on the phone and face time with Vicky's iPhone Having her sleep meds now and will be off to sleep for the night. She is getting weaker, but is still pretty sharp. Just sleeping most of the time while still hearing us talk.

Dianne asleep and praying this morning. 3-14-2014

3-13-2014 -- Day 729
Slept will last night. Up a couple of times when they came in to move her and then to give her meds. Sleeping now. Todd and I are with her. Tim is in the air on his way back to RI. She is getting much weaker, breaths are shallow. Would not be surprised if she gets to be with Jesus today. Mom made sandwiches for us. Pastors Rich and Dan both came to pray. Patrick was in early this morning to pray with her.

Becky praying while Mom reads scripture to Dianne. 3-13-2014

Took Todd the airport in Punta Gorda. It was sad to see both boys go. We both miss them already. Mom stayed while I made the round trip to the airport. Marie and Randy are praying with her now; Marie singing in the spirit and flying her flags for Dianne.

3-12-2014 -- Day 728
I slept at Hospice House last night. She had a quiet night. Nurses came in a few times to check up on her. Today two years ago was the day she was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery for a growth in her large intestine. It has been a long two years and now she is ready for her trip home to be with Jesus and that final healing.

Many more visitors this afternoon and evening. Thanks Becky for the KFC. Hit the spot. Dianne sleeping peacefully all day. Tim and Todd both leaving tomorrow for RI and KY.

3-11-2014 -- Day 727
Todd and mom had a good night's sleep. It is about 10:00 AM now and she is still asleep. BP down a little more this morning. She and Todd got to sleep about midnight last night. She asked for more peaches and some pudding last night and ate most of the pudding. Said she was not hungry, just wanted to taste it.

Had a few visitors today and lots of prayer and scripture. Marie stayed a while so I could grab supper with Randy. The boys came back with Nana after fishing and supper. When they came back Dianne was up to talking a little. I had a nice talk with both boys while Nana stayed with Dianne. Now it is after 10:00 PM and they have all left, Dianne and I said our prayers together and she is now sleeping, and now it is time for me to say good night as well.

Now is time for us to pray for Dianne to meet Jesus face to face. She is ready and He has told her the time is near; it is soon. We have all released her and now wait for Him to take her home with her new and healed body. Thank you Jesus!

Todd and Mom talking on the phone to Missy

3-10-2014 -- Day 726
Tim says she was up and down last night. Sleeping when Todd and I came in about 9:00 AM. Having some tightness in her belly. BP was about 100/59 pulse 100 this morning. Lungs clear, but breathing slowing down. Sleeping now.

Had a delicious stew Linda left for us. Cindy came this afternoon and Becky came after supper. Upped her pain meds a little. She is still talkative and even had a orange sherbet shake today and a taste of the stew broth. 

3-9-2014 -- Day 725
Todd's turn last night. Said she was up talking to him quite a bit. Also woke up around 4:00 AM and sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed to get up. Said she was thirsty and did not want to wake him! Drinking a lot more now. Having ice water, coke, and some orange sherbet. Patrick came and prayed with her as did Jim and Cindy and Vicky. Mom is here with her now and has been here for a couple hours.

Marie and Randy and Jan and Andy came to visit. Todd went fishing with his uncle Mike. Dianne is talkative and awake. Talked on the phone to Debbie in KY for a few minutes. Linda stopped while I was a church tonight. She saw Dianne and the boys. I got back about 8:00 PM and she asked to have the sleeping help tonight. She was a little anxious. Prayed with her and then Todd and I went back to the house while Tim stayed for the night. Thanks for your continued prayers.

3-8-2014 -- Day 724
Tim slept here last night and said she had a quiet night. I asked the nurse to not give her the the anxiety meds today and she has been more alert and able to hold limited conversation. Mom has been here most of the day (2:30 PM now) and Marie and Randy were here for a couple of hours reading scripture to Dianne. Linda came and stayed with Dianne while we went back to the house to change for church.

Marie reading to Dianne 3-8-2014

3-7-2014 -- Day 723
Todd stayed the night. She rested all night and continues to rest. Meds are keeping her pain level at 0. Not taking in any food and not much fluids at all. Pastor Rich and others came in this morning to pray with her as others around the world are as well. We thank God for her life and inspiration the Holy Spirit shared through her. Thank you for your continued prayers.

6:00 PM and she is still resting peacefully. A few more ministry visitors this afternoon. Lots of prayer both here and all over the world for her. Thank you all! Linda came and stayed while the boys and I went home to change for church. After we returned Becky came to pray with her and then Vicky came as we were leaving to go to church. Thanks for all their help. Dianne still able to speak to us, but it is hard for her to do. Todd staying the night tonight.

3-6-2014 -- Day 722
Tim stayed the night again. Said she had a restless night until around 4:00 AM when they gave her something to calm her. Then she slept peacefully for about 6 hours. While she was sleeping a couple of people came in to pray while she slept. Had some orange sherbet and they came in and took her vitals. It is about 11:00 AM and she is sleeping again.

Dick with Dianne as she sleeps 3-6-2014

Noon. Dr came to see her. Increasing the pain and anti-anxiety meds. Will be spending more time sleeping now. A few visitors before and after supper. She continues to sleep, but awoke for a few moments when people came to pray with her. Vicky left a few minutes ago and Tim and I are heading home for the night. Todd will stay with her through the night. Thanks for all your prayers.

3-5-2014 -- Day 721
Tim spent the night. Mom said he snores--LOL. Had a few visitors this morning and early afternoon. Mostly ministry. Dr raising her pain and anti nausea med levels. Also at Dianne's request adding meds to allow her to sleep more.

Dianne and two of our boys, Todd and Time. 3-5-2013

3-4-2014 -- Day 720
Tim arrived this morning and Todd went to Ft Myers to pick him up. A few visitors came by and prayed and sang to her. They put her on a pump to feed her less pain meds, but at a regular basis. This should keep her pain from going up and down. Still dealing with nausea. Not eating and taking in water in ice chips, sherbet, and Italian ice. Thanks again for all your prayers.

3-3-2014 -- Day 719
Todd spent the night and she was up just a few times during the night. Had a number of visitors today starting this morning with Pastor Rich. Cousin Vicky came a trimmed her toenails. A masseuse came again and gave her a massage. She wanted to know if he could come back every day!

Todd and Mom 3-3-2014

Linda stayed with her while Todd and I went out to eat. They have upped her dose of pain meds a little so she might not need any between her every 6 hour dosage. Todd sleeping at the house tonight while I spend it here at Hospice with Dianne. Tim flying in tomorrow morning.

3-2-2014 -- Day 718
Resting peacefully at 8:00 AM. Slept pretty much all night. Up when they gave her meds. I spent the night and only woke up a couple of times. Todd coming tonight to see her. Thanks for your continued prayers.

Becky came this morning and cut Dianne's nails for her while she prayed for her. Listening to the streaming service at Faithlife Church right now. Barry stopped for a short visit. Michael and Lynn from Edgewater came to visit and pray. Mom showed up after church service. Randy and Marie also came after church and I got to go out to lunch with Randy while Marie stayed and sang to Dianne. Sally came and prayed as well. Waiting now for Todd to fly in from Knoxville.

Todd arrived about 7:30 PM. Dianne glad to see him and he will stay with her tonight while I go home to get a full nights sleep.

3-1-2014 -- Day 717
A good nights sleep again. Up a few times. Sharon spent the night with her. Not eating much of anything. The new meds are working good so she is relaxed and alert in between naps. Regular visits from Pastor Rich and many others stopping by to see her. Some have missed her because she was asleep. Her love goes out to all of you. Still praying.

Dianne and her best friend since the first grade, Sharon saying "See you later..."

Some "girls" (Marie, Melody, and Becky) came this afternoon to praise and pray with Dianne. Melody played her guitar and sang. Dianne had spoken over her a couple of years ago that she would be writing songs and recording them. Since that word she has written thirty songs and plays the guitar.

She talked with her sisters this evening. Cousin Vicky came by to pray with her. I am staying here for the night. Will give a report in the morning. Keep praying.

2-28-2014 -- Day 716
A good nights sleep. Doing the few meds now under her skin instead of by mouth. Ate a little bit for breakfast and went to sleep again. Looks peaceful today; much better then yesterday. Lori said goodbye last night as she had an early flight out of Ft Myers this morning. Sharon spent the night here at the Hospice House. Mom came about lunch time to be with her.

2-27-2014 -- Day 715
Sleeping in short spurts. Saw the doctor again and she is moving her over from pills to shots for the anti nausea meds and pain. Sharon staying tonight and Lori leaving early in the morning. Pastor came again and prayed with her. Others stopped by for short visits. Still dealing with vomiting on and off. Pastor Tony in the evening to visit and pray with her. Sharon spent the night with her.

2-26-2014 -- Day 714
Lori stayed with Mom all night. Had some visitors during the day and evening. She is feeling better with real short visits. Niece Nicole and nephew Tony were able stop by mid afternoon. Pastor Rich came as well as others. Tired and not sleeping all that well. Pain under control but not eating or drinking much.

2-25-2014 -- Day 713
Was up most of last night. Slept for a couple of hours before 9:00 AM. Patrick stopped and she was sleeping. Pastor Rich got to pray with her. Lori and I stayed all morning and I went home and brought Tuffy back to visit. Hoping she gets some sleep; she is uncomfortable.

Still not much sleep. While we were gone, Pastor Dan from Edgewater Methodist Church cam for a visit. When we got back after bringing Tuffy home and grabbing some lunch they gave her a bath. Our neighbors John and Ina came over for a visit. Jan and Andy also. And then Conrad and Jackie. Now she is Skyping with our granddaughter Magdalena and daughter-in-law Susanne.

Jan and Dianne. 2-25-2014

2-24-2014 -- Day 712
Bowels are getting under control, but she is much weaker. Have been keeping her off the milk products. It looks like she will be staying at Hospice House and not coming home. Vicky, Patrick, and Pastor Rich from Faithlife church came this morning and prayed with her. Rose stopped later in the morning and prayed with her as well. Our daughter Lori is flying in to Ft Myers in a little while. Pray for strength and the desire to eat and hydrate. Occasional pain. Waiting on the Lord. Thanks for all your prayers.

Our neighbors. John and Ina came to visit while I was picking up Lori in Ft Myers. When we got back Mom was still with her and also her brother Mike and most of his family: Barbara, Stacy, Joey, and Mandy. Sally came by after dinner and Lori and I stayed for a while longer. The Dr came a saw her in the afternoon. Dianne can stay as long as she needs to. Praying for a good night's sleep tonight.

2-23-2014 -- Day 711
Had a better night, only up a couple of times. Still very weak and needing all the attention she is getting at the Hospice House. They are wonderful. Lots of visitors so far today and it is only a little after 3:00 PM. Not sure I can remember them all: Helen, Sally and Irv, Vicky, Mom, Barbara, Mikey, Barry & Cheryl, Chong, Phil & Gale, Cindy, Linda, Daniel, Patrick... Thanks to all who are praying and for all the visitors. Not sure how long she will be there now. Seeing their doctor sometime tomorrow.

Vicky and Dianne. 2-23-20114

2-22-2014 -- Day 710
Dianne at the Hospice House in Port Charlotte so the Dr can evaluate her and get her bowels under control. I am leaving now to go visit her. Linda came while she was still sleeping this morning. A little while later she was awake and Patrick came and prayed with her. She some chocolate pudding for "breakfast". Mom and cousin Cathy came before lunch and that was a grilled cheese with chips. She ate the chips and nibbled on the grilled cheese. Still moving hew bowels often. Cindy stopped by and prayed with her and sang some praise songs.

Tuffy came to visit mommy. 2-22-2014

2-21-2014 -- Day 707
Up most of the night running to the bathroom. Linda came over this morning until after lunch. Stayed while I went to the Y and then to Wal-Mart. When I got back, Helen was visiting with her. Andy stopped for a few minutes later in the afternoon. Linda, the nurse from Tidewell Hospice. She stayed with us for a while and helped her. Concerned because of the constant diarrhea issue. Suggested that she be checked into the Hospice House for a couple of days so they can regulate her meds. Bringing her in tonight.

See video at: http://www.youtube.com/embed/vKW1a_6qB3I

2-20-2014 -- Day 706
Stopped the new meds (Morphine pills) all together. Pain level low if at all. Did not take a sleeping pill last night either. Weight down to 79.6 this morning. Patrick came to pray on his way home from work. Dianne got up before 9 and asked for some cereal. The CNA Lori came to help her take a shower about noon time.

Mom came over late morning and stayed with Dianne until I got back from teaching. Linda stopped for a while before she went to work. Barry came to help with some yard work for us. Jan came for the afternoon and made us a delicious supper. Thanks! Pain is down without only a couple of pain pills today. Same with the nausea; no throwing up today. Yeah! However, the number of trips to the bathroom increased from yesterday. Need to get this diarrhea under control. The nurse is coming to see her in the morning. Praying she sleeps the night through.

2-19-2014 -- Day 705
Had to give her a suppository before bed last night. Was up about every 1-2 hours after that. Did not give her another pain pill since the 7:00 AM one. She was much better after that. Did not take a sleeping pill last night as well. This morning I tried another long acting pain pill and had the same results. Slept most of the day and was out of it. Too strong a pill. Did not give her another one for the rest of the day nor a sleeping pill tonight. Other than that, it was a pretty good day. It started off with a visit from Patrick and anointed prayer. Mom stopped for a few minutes. Trish came to visit for a while later in the morning. Linda was here most of the day. Barry stopped by in the afternoon. And Phil and Gale came over this evening. Praying for a better day tomorrow!

2-18-2014 -- Day 704
Slept all night again. No pain. Gave her an anti nausea pill before breakfast. Feeling dizzy, weak, and on the verge of nausea. No more diarrhea, but now just the opposite. CNA coming this afternoon to help her in the shower. We are believing for a miracle and standing on God's promises. Keep praying.

2-17-2014 -- Day 703
Slept all night right through the night from 10p-9a. Pain seems to be under control now, but now dealing with the nausea problem. Mom stayed with her this morning while I went to the gym. Nurse came to see her in the afternoon. Threw up a few times today. Will try different regiment of meds tomorrow.

2-16-2014 -- Day 702
On the new meds for pain. Still having to take some breakthrough pain meds, but doing good. Got up early this morning to see the kids off. Took a morning nap. Mom came over to visit in the afternoon.

Missy and Dianne just before they all left for KY 2-16-2014

2-15-2014 -- Day 701
Some pain during the night. Having French toast this morning made by Missy. Hope to get out to Bayshore Park with the family today and try out Dianne's transport wheel chair.

We are believing for a miracle. Now that she is off chemo we are expecting her to gain strength. Praying the tumor becomes unattached from the abdominal wall so she does not experience pain when she gets up and down.

Alex and Gramie 2-15-2014

Went to Bayshore park and watched Alex play in the new playground and feed the birds. Then went out to eat a Chubby'z with them. Now it is back home for a nap. Todd making a meatloaf tonight.

Missy and Todd with Mom at Bayshore park using the new transport wheelchair 2-15-2014

2-14-2014 -- Day 700
Up a couple of times in pain during the night. Sleepy all day. Spent some time painting with Alex. Todd and Missy a great help. Stacy came over to visit, too. Todd made a delicious supper of fish and scallops mashed potatoes and broccoli. Hospice dropped off a another wheelchair, a transport one. Much lighter. Nurse called with new schedule for meds. Dropped a number of them and will be changing the pain meds tomorrow.

Dianne and granddaughter Alex 2-14-2014

2-13-2014 -- Day 699
Dealt with a lot of pain today. Jan Morrissey came to spend some time with her in the afternoon. Linda Fazio dropped of a chicken pot pie for supper--delicious! Todd, Missy, Alex made it through the snow in TN and GA and arrived about 8:30 PM to visit an help out for a couple of days. Triage nurse came to see her late at night because of the pain she is dealing with. Going to change the meds.

2-12-2014 -- Day 698
Up during the night. Lots of pain this morning. Hospice social worked came to visit this morning. Nurse coming at noon. Wheel chair came for her yesterday for her to use if we go out.

2-11-2014 -- Day 697
Hospice stopped this morning to sign her up. Will see the medical team tomorrow to work out a schedule. They dropped off a portable wheel chair a little while ago so she can get out more. Feeling tired but otherwise pretty good today. Staying on top of the pain meds. Weighed in a little over 90 pounds this morning. Mom came to visit today now that she is over the cold she was dealing with the last couple of weeks. Had a nice visit from Barry & Cheryl. Linda coming over later today with supper and will stay with her while I go to the Bible Discovery Group tonight.

2-10-2014 -- Day 696
Slept well once again. Diarrhea under control as is the nausea. Weight a little over 88 pounds. Pain still an issue, but if we keep up with the pain meds it is tolerable. Saw the Dr today and told him no more chemo. He was not surprised. Today she did receive some fluids and had blood work done. He called Hospice to come and see us tomorrow. They can do all that he could do there since she will no longer be taking treatments. He told her this is not pushing the stop button, but rather the pause button. In a month or so if her strength increases we can talk to him again about other possible treatments. Meanwhile we will be getting assistance right at home on a daily basis for as long as she needs it. And we are still expectant of a miracle from God! Keep praying...

Had a nice visit this afternoon with Jim and Cindy from Faithlife Church. Encouraging words, prayer, and communion.

2-9-2014 -- Day 695
Slept well and for a long time. In some pain today. Wanted some chicken pie soup from Jason's Deli for lunch and ate about half of it for lunch. Watched an old movie (The Poseidon Adventure) and then went out for a nap. Seeing Dr Lubiner in the morning.

2-8-2014 -- Day 694
Pretty good day today. Made her eggs, toast, and coffee milk for breakfast. Linda came over and visited and cleaned. Thank you Linda! Pastor Rich stopped this evening and prayed with us. A good day.

2-7-2014 -- Day 693
Only got up once last night. Needed some pain meds. More energy this morning, but feet still swollen. Checked the blood work taken yesterday and saw that the potassium was still low. Called Dr and they wanted her in to get more this morning. Another day at FCS. Will be finished after 2:00 PM. Will see the Dr again on Monday and get more blood drawn.

2-6-2014 -- Day 692
Good nights sleep. Went to FCS for evaluation. Ankles and feet are swollen. Probably from the potassium she got yesterday or all the fluids she has been getting. Took blood to check her potassium and magnesium levels again. No fluids today. Our friend Sally stayed with her today while I taught. Feeling a little better each day as the last chemo starts to come out of her system. 90.4 pounds at FCS this morning.

2-5-2014 -- Day 691
Temp went up a little at bed time. Finally came down to 98.6 about 2:00 AM. Went to FCS for a nurse evaluation this morning. Weighed in at 88.6! Labs came back showing low potassium and magnesium levels. Giving her fluids including those over 3 hours today. CEA count came down to 32 from 39 two weeks ago. Still not feeling like eating.

2-4-2014 -- Day 690
Feeling a little better this morning. Going in for fluids at 10:30 AM. By the time we got there she had a bad headache, pain in her abdomen, and nausea. They gave her fluids and she got back home about 3:00 PM. Fell right asleep on the couch. Not much to eat most of the day so far. Randy and Marie bring supper, so we will see if she can eat some of that. Good news. Her weight was 87 pounds this morning when they weighed her in.

Had a great supper with the Smiths. Dianne's temperature was up to 102 about 7:00 PM. Doctor ordered antibiotics and with some cool clothes and Tylenol, it is down under 100 now. Praying for it to drop some more during the night. Back to FCS in the morning.

2-3-2014 -- Day 689
Another good nights sleep. Could not eat much this morning or for lunch. Hoping to get down some chicken noodle soup for supper. Got fluids after they took blood today. Will have a CEA count in a couple of days. Seeing the doctor next Monday. More fluids tomorrow.

Dick and Dianne waiting at the Cancer center. 2-3-3014

2-2-2014 -- Day 688
Slept well again, but has no energy. Not having any pain or nausea today. But still having trouble swallowing.

2-1-2014 -- Day 687
Slept well. Woken early for a 7:30 appointment for more fluids. More alert today and walking good. No pain this morning. Marie came to visit for a couple of hours. Then Dianne slept the rest of the afternoon. Having a difficult time swallowing her pills. Pain is under control.

1-31-2014 -- Day 686
Back to FCS for fluids. Still weak. Had to wheel chair her back to the car when she was done. Arlene came to visit with her this afternoon for a while. Vicky coming tonight to cut her hair. This round of chemo is really taking a lot out of her.

Vicky cutting Dianne's hair into a pixie cut. 1-31-2014

1-30-2014 -- Day 685
Weak today. Went to FCS for fluids and Sally stayed with her while I taught at the Computer Club. Dianne slept through the getting of fluids and at home while Sally was there. We had some baked ziti and meatballs for supper and she is resting on the couch now. Weight was 84.6 this morning at FCS.  More fluids tomorrow morning as well.

1-29-2014 -- Day 684
BP was a little low this morning so we went to FCS a little early knowing she would need fluids. Sure enough. They took off the bag she was wearing and gave her a liter of fluid. Linda is picking her up in a little while as I am off to the library to teach a class on Word.

1-28-2014 -- Day 683
Slept well last night and woke up feeling pretty good. Asked to go out for breakfast. Has more energy today than she has had in a while. PTL. Looking forward to having the BDG at our house this evening. It was a good meeting and Dianne was able to stay in the living room with us and participate in the discussion. Good hands on prayer at the end.

Dianne at Denny's 1-28-2014

1-27-2014 -- Day 682
Went to FCS for blood work, to see the Dr, and for chemo treatment and fluids. She was there from 9:15 AM until 2:45 PM. Slept through most of it. Home now and a little spacey with all these drugs in her system. Dr not pleased that the CEA count had increased. Will do it again next week and praying it goes down! Felt the tumor and cannot feel any growth, but it may be growing in rather than wide. Hope not! Will do another PET scan probably in a few weeks. Pray against the pain and for the tumor to go and for all cancer cells to DIE! Thanks.

1-26-2014 -- Day 681
Very tired all day. Dealing with more pain. Ate pretty good and had about 1.5 liters of fluids--more than she has been taking in.

1-25-2014 -- Day 680
Was up 9 times in the middle of the night, but woke up ready to go out to lunch with Todd and Nick. Enjoyed the time out at Fishermen's Village. Was tired when we got back.

Nick, Dianne, and Todd 1-25-2014

Dick, Dianne, and Todd 1-25-2014

1-24-2014 -- Day 679
Needing fluids this morning. Todd took her to FCS while I go to the Y for some exercise. They only gave her 1/2 liter today because her BP was too high to begin with. They got home before I finished at the Y. When I got back brother Nick was visiting. Expect a visit from Nicole and Keith in a little while. She looks a lot better after her fluids this morning.

1-23-2014 -- Day 678
Visit with PCP (primary care physician) this morning, then we went to Denny's for breakfast. Very tired when we finished so we came right back home. Our niece Nicolle and Keith came to visit for a while. Then our friend Arleen came and stayed with Dianne while I taught this afternoon. Todd and Dianne's brother Nick came in from TN about 5:00 PM. They will be staying (Todd with us) until Sunday. Enjoyed time with Todd.

Dianne at Denny's for breakfast 1-23-2014

1-22-2014 -- Day 677
FCS for fluids. Weak, dizzy when standing, and tired. Weight this morning a 83 pounds. Got to get more into her. Maybe cream of wheat, soups, and shakes. Jan Morrisey sopped and visited while Andy went to the Y. Nice to see her again.

1-21-2014 -- Day 676
CEA count came back at 39, but even though this is up from the last one it will be a baseline for the new regiment of chemo. In two weeks they will do another CEA and this one we expect to be lower. Mom came over afternoon and Barry and Cheryl stopped to visit for a while. Watched a couple of G movies. Still dealing with diarrhea and weight loss.

1-20-2014 -- Day 675
Back to for blood work and more fluids. Was there from 9:00 AM until almost 3:00 PM. Got 1.5 liters of fluids, but still feels weak. Surprised with flowers when we got back home. Will rest tonight and see how she feels in the morning. Waiting for the results of the blood work and CEA count.

Dianne with flowers from our son Tim, Cheryl, and the boys, Ryan and Aaron 1-20-2014

1-19-2014 -- Day 674
Stayed home and rested most of the day. Mom came over to visit for a while. Weak and tired. Will go in for fluids tomorrow.

1-18-2014 -- Day 673
Up early to be at FCS for 7:30 AM! She was there for a couple of hours getting more fluids. Weight about the same as yesterday, but very little pain. Back home to rest for a while, then Randy and Marie stopped to visit for a little while. Had some chicken soup for lunch and now is napping for a while.

Dianne and Marie at our home 1-18-2014

1-17-2014 -- Day 672
Another long sleep. I woke her up at 9:05 AM. Not feeling right. BP a little high and a little nausea. Call FCS and they told her to come in for a nurse evaluation. Her weight at home was 83 pounds! At FCS with all her clothes, sweater, boots, and hold her cell phone it was 86.4. They gave her a liter of fluids and some other things and want her back in the morning at 7:30 AM for more.

1-16-2014 -- Day 671
Another long sleep. Got up before 9:00 AM. Sister Janet came a little later for me to drive her to the airport in Punta Gorda while Mom stayed with her. Short visit with Janet before she went back. Still dealing with pain and tiredness. Linda dropped of so delicious home made chicken soup. Then Mom came back to be with her while I taught at the Computer Club. This evening Pastor Rich from Faithlife came with his team to pray with her. Thanks for all the prayers.

1-15-2014 -- Day 670
Another long night of sleep. They took the pump off midday and gave her a 1/2 liter of fluids. Weight was better at about 89--that was with the pump still hanging on her waist (LOL). Nurse told her that the increased pain was happening as the chemo was working killing the cancer. So I guess that means thanks for the pain. Still very tired and sleeping a lot. Mom came and stayed with her this afternoon while I was teaching at the Library. Thanks again for all your prayers and calls and cards.

1-14-2014 -- Day 669
Slept long. Pump humming away after 20 seconds putting more chemo into her system. Slept a lot. Was too tired to join in at our Bible Discovery Group, so she stayed in bed and slept right through it after we has some good praise and worship.

1-13-2014 -- Day 668
Pretty good sleep last night. Weighed in at 84 pounds this morning. Saw the Dr this morning. He told us the symptoms she has been experiencing are not a result of the pills he was giving her but rather an indication of the aggressiveness of the cancer. He started her on a new regiment today of a chemo drug, anti-nausea meds, Avastin, and a steroid. Then they sent her home after 4 hours of treatment with a portable pump in a bag with an additional chemo drug. Will return on Wednesday afternoon to have the pump removed. Then she skips a week and goes back on the same treatment again. Will be checking CEA along the way expecting it to be moving down.

Dianne home enjoying her eatable arrangement our son Rick and daughter-in-law Susanne sent. THANK YOU!

1-12-2014 -- Day 667
Only got up a couple of times during the night. Felt good enough to go to breakfast at Denny's with Tim. Tired afterwards and came home to nap. Going out to Jason's Deli for a chicken pot pie then home to watch some Netflix with Tim. Starting the new regime at FCS in the morning. Tim heading home tomorrow afternoon.

Dianne and our son Tim before breakfast 1-12-2014

1-11-2014 -- Day 666
More diarrhea during the night. Lazy day on the couch visiting with Tim. Talked with Facetime with Todd, Missy, and Alex. And them with Cheryl, Ryan, and Aaron. Watching Football games with Tim.

1-10-2014 -- Day 665
Switched from throwing up to diarrhea again. Back to FCS for fluids. Mom stayed with her when I went to the airport to pick up Tim in Ft Myers. Keeping diligent with anti-nausea meds and pain meds.

1-9-2014 -- Day 664
Very bad night. Up and down all night throwing up. Went into FCS early an got more fluids and more. Did a full blood test to make sure she did not have an infection, which she does not. Slept most of the rest of the day. Had a decent supper. First real food in a couple of days. Feeling much better tonight. Back for more fluids and a nurse eval in the morning. Our son Tim is flying in for a visit and we pray she is feeling good and able to spend awake time with him. Thanks for all your prayers.

1-8-2014 -- Day 663
Awoke very nauseas and had to throw up for the first time in months. Back to FCS for more fluids and nausea meds. Still fighting pain and nausea. Please pray.

1-7-2014 -- Day 662
Dr visit in the morning followed with more fluids. Stopping the pill treatment and going back on chemo next week. Will be going in on Monday for a 4 hour treatment then have a pump for 48 hours, then off for 2 weeks.

1-6-2014 --  Day 661
Slept pretty good last night. More pain this morning. Pills don't seem to work as well as they used to. Hanging around the house again today.

1-5-2014 -- Day 660
Pain in the middle of the night. Lazy day. Got up after 9 and went back for a couple of hours nap at 11:30. Did not make it to church this morning either. Still dealing with more pain than normal--but what is normal. Mom came late in the afternoon for a little while and brought her some ice cream. Looking for a good day tomorrow!

1-4-2014 -- Day 659
Pretty good sleep but having abdominal pain this morning. Gale visiting with her. Michelle, Michael, and Noah came to visit later in the day. Dealing with more pain than usual. Did not make it to church tonight.

1-3-2014 -- Day 658
More fluids this morning. Had a couple of hours nap after lunch and awoke feeling pretty good. One of our neighbors stopped by to visit (Tuffy's boyfriend Bruce's Mommy). After her visit we went out to dinner for a change. Hopefully no fluids tomorrow morning. Dr visit on Tuesday morning.

Dinner at Applebees. 1-3-2014

1-2-2014 -- Day 657
Went for more fluids this morning. Weight was 87.6. Had an afternoon nap and awoke feeling pretty good. Blood work came back. Electrolytes look good. CEA went up to 31.6. Looks like those new meds are not doing the job. Will see the doctor again on Tuesday. Meanwhile back to FCS for fluids in the morning. Keep praying.

1-1-2014 -- Day 656
Woke up feeling good. Had breakfast at home an then off to Walgreens and Wal-Mart. Very tired when we got back home and in some pain. Brother Mike sent over some food a little later in the day. Starting on the new pain meds tonight. Looking for a good nights sleep. Watched a marathon of "Chuck" on Netflix. Getting more fluids in the morning.


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